Xuancai book printing notice
01-16-2013 17:20:55

I believe the chinese printing company, as long as it is know the printed printing companies usually know how to book printing, xuancai china printing company is one of the best, But even the best printing technology will flaw pops, but often these problems are avoided, careful and meticulous as long as the day-to-day, when a little, as well as pay attention to one of the key, and these problems are avoided, which can be avoided and error losses can also exercise their own printing technology! Good Runlong book printing technicians analyzed from the day-to-day bits and pieces out of the 10 more error-prone, the following list of production test technician to come out for the majority of printing! Hope to help you!

1:The pictures printed pages of text distance must be cutting edge> 3mm to avoid cutting cut to. The text must be transferred the curve or depiction frame. Text Do not use the system words, if use can cause strokes staggered at the white node. After the text converted to curves, please pay attention to whether the line between the words occasionally skip a line or overlapping disorder phenomenon. If the stroke is staggered at the white nodes to break up the instruction process. Not to use overprint black text coloring.
2 when the same document printed at different times, the color will differ, the chromatic aberration contributions within 10% of normal (due to ink amount control each time there will be due to a difference).
Color printing to screen or printer print color print-on-demand color production customers must refer to the percentage of CMYK chromatography decision making coloring. Note: the factors of paper, ink types and printing pressure the different manufacturers CMYK chromatography by using the same blocks of color differences.
4 color printing, color blocks of color, please avoid using the color combination of dark or full version, otherwise prone to back India cut after printing.
Book printing shading or base map color not less than 10%, to avoid the printed product can not be rendered.

6. Use CoreIDRAW9.0 Chinese version of the design document, due to the needs of the group version of Mac design document will be converted to PC format.
7 .. pictures printed all input or self-drawn graphics, wireframe thickness not less than 0.1mm, or printed materials will cause disconnection or can not render the situation. In addition, the frame can not be set to zoom with image, form irregular line or printed output.

When the gradient of object placement frame accurate cut, it should be converted to bitmap (the same as 6:00), rotating with other groups of objects and then placed in the frame gradient gradually The direction of the layer and does not rotate together. In addition, any gradient objects are to be set edge width, because of differing interpretations of the output machine, sometimes caused by the edge of the gradient fills.
Manuscript completed crosshairs do not need to be painted and crop marks can be used the two stealth wireframe to act as production dimensions and bleeding lines 92x56mm, 90x54mm (cropped that the four sides of each retain 1mm bleeding). If any special size needs, special instructions in order Lane and upload documents.
10 special attention to any images, blocks of color or line beyond the production size, should always placed the picture frame. Do not cover with white color block, so as to avoid the troubled co-edition.

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