• Why children picture books printing so expensive?


    In recent years,although the fierce competition in the children book printing industry,but due to the cost of picture book printing is very high, only little book printing companies in china can made this kind of books.In this article,let's talk about why are children picture bo

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  • 4 Most Common Types Of Book Binding Method


    Book binding is one of the most important role in book printing china,the choice of binding method will directly effect of book.This article,I will introduce the 4 common types of book binding. 1. Saddle Stitching Binding Saddle stitching is currently the most commo

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  • How to choose the paper for your printing project?


    In China printing service,select the paper for your printing project is one of the most important parts,which will directly affect the final presentation and the cost of your printed products.  Our commonly used printing paper can be divided into the following night Categories:Whi

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  • How To Choose Inner Paper For Book Printing China?


    Choose the paper for book printing in china need to consider the positioning, cost, category and other factors of the book.In the last article, we introduced in detail the factors that need to be considered when selecting paper. Today, let's briefly introduce how t

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  • What to Consider When Choose Book Printing Paper


    Book printing in china, we always say choosing paper for a book is like finding a partner.Choose the paper for a book determines whether it matches the qualities of the book; in short, whether it can best present the content.  When we choose the paper,we really need to consid

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  • What are the bindings for children's book printing


    With the development of the book market, the competition in the children’s book printing market is particularly full and fierce. Therefore,in order to occupy market share, many publishers and book printing companies have also made great efforts in the binding ideas of children's books. What type

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  • 3 Eco-friendly Ink For Children’s Book Printing


    Recent years,more and more parents like to purchase Eco-friendly children books for their children, which makes children's book printers reduce to use ink or use Eco-friendly inks when print children’s book.   In this

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  • What's Eco-friendly printing children's book


    The children's book printing industry is becoming more and more prosperous as parents pay more and more attention to reading and more and more parents pay attention to reading. Every time the online store is promoted, the sales data of children's books are always quite amazing. A

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  • Types of Book Printing Services in China


    Book printing service in china, there are many types of printing, different methods and different operations. Below I will divide them according to the type of printing plate and printing principle. 1.According to the type of printing plate Accor

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  • 3 Trends in Children's Book Printing China


    Children's books in the current market, from illustration production to content typesetting, from cover binding to packaging design, from material selection to printing process, can be seen everywhere in the publishers and Chinese printers, which naturally attracts many young rea

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