• What Is The Best Paper For Magazine Printing


    No matter print a cheap magazine or a high-end magazine, paper choice is very important. Let us select the right paper type and weight to print your magazine. Magazines usually include two major categories. One is called consumer magazines, and the other is called customer ma

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  • How To Custom Hardcover Children’s Book Printing?


    Are you plan to custom hardcover children's book printing? There are a few things you'll need to consider before you start the printing process. In this blog post, we'll go over some of the things you need to keep in mind, including the number of pages, the cover design, the type of paper, and th

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  • The Cover Design Tips Of Children’s Book Printing


    Due to the different binding methods of children's book printing, the cover design is also different. 3 common cover structure of children's book The cover of children's book on horseback includes four pages: front cover (cover 1), inside cover (cover 2), inside cov

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  • How To Save Paper Cost Of Children Book Publishing


    The paper as an important carrier of children's book. Selecting the suitable printing paper will help you save much cost in publishing children's book. In recent years, since strict environmental protection policies, stricter pollution discharge permits, and various co

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  • How To Print Board Book In Professional Quality?


    Board book printing is a hot popular project in children's book publishing industry. But how to make a board book in professional quality? Let's discuss this issue. What paper is generally used for board books? There are many kinds to choose. According to per

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  • Best Tips For Product Catalog Design And Printing


    Design and printing both are important to create an excellent catalog. But how to design and printing your product catalog? All answers you can find at here. The Pros of design and printing product catalog Before designing and printing a product catalog, let's learn about t

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  • What Are The Preparations Before Perfect Binding?


    1.Stacking of book pages after folding In the pr binding preparation of books and periodicals, the folding quality of book pages will directly affect the forming quality of books and the _disibledevent="_blank">perfect bound book printing, more than 50% of the failures of the machin

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  • Different Options Of Children’s Board Book


    Board book is one of the most popular project in children's book market. Know the different options of board book to help you print your own board book. Children's books are one of the most important intellectual products for children's childhood. The author of childre

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  • Printing Board Books For Baby All You Need To Know


    Before printing a board book for babies, you need to know about the board book knowledge, so that you can print a satisfied board book. What is a board book for toddler? Board book is a type of children's enlightenment book, which is made of thicker cardboard. The binding wa

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  • Soft Proof VS Hard Proof VS Offset Printing Sample


    Proofing is the most important part of printed matter. In a production environment where quality is paramount, the degree of matching between the sample and the final product directly determines the customer's satisfaction with the printing quality. what is a proof in printing?

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