• 9 Common Book Printing Processes You Need To Know


    In the book printing field, we often with some Processes on the book to make it special or with some functions. Today I sort out 9 common book printing processes you need to know when custom your book printing. With the development of digital technology, the emergence of online publishing

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  • 9 Artwork Requirements For Hardcover Book Printing


    As we all know, some professional design companies have made quite standard printing artwork. But some clients do _disibledevent="_blank">printing artwork. Please reserve 3mm of bleeding outside the size of the printed product. If there is no bleeding, there will be white edges in case of

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  • Difference Between Hardcover And Paperback Book


    The biggest advantage of print hardcover book is that the protective seal is strong. Which plays the role of protecting the inner pages and making the book durable. The inner pages of hardcover books, like paperback, are most threaded and nailed. And stick a cloth strip on the spine. To provide a

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  • PU Leather Cover Notebook Printing In China


    printed notebook can be opened 180 degrees by using case bound with section sewn. Which is convenient for writing, durable and not easy to drop pages, and can use for longer.

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  • Why Use UV For Hardcover Book Cover Printing?


    UV glazing is very common in the hardcover book printing industry. But most of us don't know why use UV glazing on the hardcover book cover. First of all, UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet. UV glazing is one of the glazing paints. UV means UV glazing coatings can

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  • Which Paper Is best For Board Book Printing?


    When we custom board book printing, the paper selection is the key to printing quality. Select the suitable printing paper will make your book more colorful and attractive. Today, we through 5 parts to discuss which paper is best for board book printing. 5 aspects decide the

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  • What Material Is Used For Greeting Card Printing


    The sales of greeting cards are very high every time the festival comes. Greeting cards are used as a way of communication to express their feelings. Each card represents a blessing. Every time the festival comes, the greeting card printing industry is busy. Many people only know the mean

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  • What Is Print On Demand In Book Printing?


    The print on demand is also known as "instant printing" and "flash printing". It is a full printing exhibition based on the needs of different times, places, quantities and contents. Through digital and ultra-high speed dragline printing technology. It completely transformed the entire proc

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  • Square Spine And Round Spine Of Hardcover Book


    In the hardcover book printing industry. Form the view of binding structure. We often divide the hardcover book into square spine hardcover book and round spine hardcover book. But _disibledevent="_blank">hardcover children’s book printing. Because for the thin book, if with a round spine, the cost

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  • 6 Development Trends In Future Printing Industry


    With the continuous development of the printing industry, traditional printing faces many challenges. Which trends will the printing industry develop in the future? Today let us talk about the development trend of the printing industry in the future from 6 aspects. 1. Print

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