• Common faults of printing and laminating process


    Common faults of cover coating process in book printing --- Poor adhesion   ① Improper selection of adhesive, improper setting of gluing amount and wrong proportioning measurement. The adhesive model and coating amount shall be re selected for accurate preparation. &nbs

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  • Classification of printing methods by color


    According to the printing color number, the following can be distinguished: (1) Monochrome printing in book printing: it is _disibledevent="" />

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  • The quality effect of ink for monochrome printing


    In book printing process, compared with the color sample printing, monochrome sample printing process is much simpler, and requirements for ink will be relatively low. In practice, the printer pointed out that the requirements of monochrome sample printing for ink are _disibledevent="" />

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  • Soft Hardcover Book Printing equipment & materials


    The main difference between soft hardcover books and hard hardcover books is that the cover materials and their processing equipment are completely different.   Generally, the cover weight of soft hardcover paper is about 300g / m2, which belongs to paper jam. The processing

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  • Key Points Of Soft Hardcover Printing


    The processing of soft hardcover book printing is the same as that of hard hardcover book printing, which can be produced by the hardcover linkage line with high efficiency. For books with special specifications and materials, a small number of printed sheets and hardcover requirements, they

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  • Gold ink printing process in printing process


    In commodity book printing, packaging and label printing , gold ink is often used to realize the printing of gold graphics and texts, and give people a feeling of delicacy, gorgeous and _disibledevent="" />

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  • The precautions in the printing of packaging


    Now there are more and more packaging printing companies, so packaging printing must _disibledevent="" />

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  • Characteristics of soft-hardcover book printing


    The books processed and produced by hardcover technology are exquisite, beautiful, firm, durable and easy to preserve. Generally, thicker classic books or common reference books are processed by this binding form. Soft hardcover is derived from hardcover. Because hardcover books are _disibled

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  • Some tips for leaflet printing


    What is the standard size of a leaflet The design size of the leaflet is the unfolded size of the fold. The regular sizes are A3 and A4. The design size of the conventional A4 three-fold page is 216mm*291mm, the unfolded size of the printed product is 210mm*285mm, and the folded

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  • Top 10 Packaging Box Printing Process


    With the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of the quality of life has gradually improved. Therefore, the printing process _disibledevent="" />

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