• Soft VS Hardcover: which suitable for your book?


    When we buy books in bookstores, we often see two types of books, hardcover or softcover. We may ask what is the difference between hardcover book printing china and softcover? Choose softcover or hardcover is more suitable for my book printing china? This article compares the advantages and

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  • The difference of traditional & digital printing


    Digital printing is one of the popular technologies in Chinese printing field in recent years. It is an integrated printing, which is directly output by a computer and can be printed in a short time. However, traditional printing requires plate making before printing can be completed. So how t

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  • 3 Problems Can't ignore in Magazine Printing


    Magazine printing is still the most popular type of printing product. Although many printing products are greatly affected by the development of network technology, magazine printing products still have a considerable number of customer groups. For this reason, magazine printing products can

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  • How to know the common sense of Chinese printing?


    Prints often appear in our lives, but how much do you know about Chinese printing knowledge? Whether it is promotional albums, books printing, catalogue printing, brochure printing, or business cards, etc, they are all inseparable from printing. Today, we will help you quickly understa

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  • Environmental standards for children book printing


    The children's book market is becoming more and more prosperous, as parents pay more and more attention to reading. However, how much do you know about the professional environmental standards for children's book printing? Now many parents pay more and more attention to the cultivation

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  • What are the technologies of paper bag printing?


    The paper bag printing industry is _disibledevent="" />

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  • Common cardboards for hardcover book printing


    There are many materials involved in hardcover book printing. Selecting the appropriate material for the cover processing can not only ensure the smooth progress of the book cover processing process, but also avoid the occurrence of quality problems such as book cover warping. Cardboard is u

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  • How custom printing work with digital printing


    Facing the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous impact of digital printing, traditional book printing service enterprises are looking for ways to improve their core competitiveness. _disibledevent="text-align:justify;">

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  • 6 Things to Consider When in Book Printing


    If you want to enjoy the advantages of printing, consider these factors when choosing book printing companies to publish your book. 1. Check the accepted file formats. When organizing documents for printing, be sure to check the file formats accepted by the company first.

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  • What are the structures of books in book printing


    What are the structural components of a book? Below a professional Chinese printer will introduce in details for you. 1. Cover The cover (also known as cover one, front cover, cover, written) is printed with the title of the book, the name of the author and translator, and the nam

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