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  • Difference In Catalogue Printing Quality


    As a medium of information dissemination, catalogue printing is loved by many enterprises. With the rapid development of science and technology, catalogue printing industry, as an electronic publication and paper publicity material, many enterprises cannot do without it. Therefore, we must kn

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  • How to choose a reliable Chinese printing company?


    Book printing involves a lot of costs, because it involves labor, materials, and printing machines. When you print in large quantities, the cost will be higher. Although many companies have tight budgets, they still do _disibledevent="">Chinese printer. But the

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  • The benefits of embossing in book printing


    Embossing is a commonly used process in book printing. It uses a concave-convex mold and a pressure printing process determined by a press to make the printed book surface according to the pattern corresponding to the mold. It is a surface-processing printing process.

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  • Improve the corrugated paper box printing quality


    How to improve the quality and technology of corrugated paper box printing, at present, packaging box printing is booming, customers' requirements for product quality are also higher and higher, how to improve the printing quality of corrugated box has become the goal of enterprises. Here are

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  • How to print a calendar?


    Why need to create a calendar? Whether you are a business, a personal creative or a retailer, a calendar is a great way to keep your brand in the spotlight throughout the year. How to print a calendar? First determine the type of calendar you wan

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  • Come into Cookbook Printing,explore more delicious


    The taste of life, always full of colorful spots, attract people to constantly explore, feel the life in the taste.Cook book, hope to open a door for the eye, which is colorful taste, also hope the family to build a nest to help the family can get more warm together.Wonderful taste, from visu

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  • The special process & binding of magazine printing


    Magazine printing is _disibledevent="">cheap magazine printing services. You don't have to worry about any problems, the magazine will be printed and published exactly according to your wishes, and the magazine printing will meet all you

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  • Difference between UV print and ordinary print


    What is the difference between UV printing and ordinary printing ? As a professional Chinese printing factory, we will talk about it for you below: The process is different 1. Ordinary printing: it is a technology to transfer the ink to the surface of paper, fabric, p

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  • Some knowledge about notebook printing


    Commonly used sizes for notebook printing: A5, 6*9 inches, A4. We can also make _disibledevent="MsoNormal">     The back cover is a problem that many people ignore. When many large companies or enterprises customize their notebooks, they ignore the back cover. In fact, the fr

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  • 10 basic craft of book printing processes


    For people in the Chinese printing industry, the term post-press is familiar to you. It refers to the post-printing work. Generally, the post-processing of printed matter includes over-glue (film), over-UV, over-oil, beer, hot stamping, and punching. Embossing, mounting, binding, cutting, etc

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