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  • How to reduce costs from pre-press printing?


    How to reduce the cost of books is the concern of each of our publishing workers. As Chinese printers, should be proficient in plate making, printing technology, book printing cost standards, understand paper specifications and performance and the production capacity of relevant printing pla

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  • What are the folding methods of brochure printing?


    Brochure Printing is similar to book binding; the publicity hinge has both the integrity of the cover and the integrity of the content, which is one of its own, which is loved by businesses and consumers. Compared with the single page, the display content of the publicity folding page is ric

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  • How to prevent stains during the sticker printing?


    1. Self-adhesive is easy to stain on the back when printing on the whole page. This is due to the poor ink absorption of coated paper on the surface of the self-adhesive label. When sticking printing, try to use the original ink instead of 6# mixing oil, and add some appropriately. Adhesive,

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  • Key points of QR code print in book printing


    Due to the defects of printing equipment, printing plate, ink and manual operation, there will be deviation in the book printing of QR code. It is precisely because the QR code may have poor quality in the printing process, so we should detect the QR code before use, otherwise we can't read

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  • Hot stamping technology in paper box printing


    In today's fierce competition of products in the market, the value of the product is _disibledevent="" />

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  • Effect of screen pitch on printing registration


    In multi-color printing and four-color screen printing, registration must be achieved of book printing. The screen pitch plays a vital role in stable printing registration. It can be understood from the definition that non-contact printing cannot produce a true 1:1 reproduction of the origina

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  • How to adjust the humidity of book printing paper?


    In the process of book printing, if the temperature and humidity of the printing paper are _disibledevent="">book printing companies must set up a special paper warehouse to make the temperature and humidity of the storage place close to the printing workshop. S

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  • How to classify the book printing paper?


    The printing methods are different, and the corresponding paper must be selected according to the requirements and characteristics of the use and printing process. To print an item, you must first clarify what paper is needed to display the effect of the item as best as possible. There

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  • How to choose a magazine printing company?


    Magazine printing must _disibledevent="" />

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  • The tips for catalogue printing


    Catalogues are a powerful marketing tool. They still play an important role in today's digital marketing world. They allow you to showcase your products in a way that tells a story. Using catalogue marketing is a great way to sell your products and familiarize people with your brand. The foll

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