• 7 Important Issues For Book Printing


    We all often say that books are the ladder of human progress. In our life, the role of books is very important. Because reading a good book is equal to a conversation with a _disibledevent="_blank">book printing company. Chinaprinting4u has more than 20 years of working experience i

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  • What is Catalog's UV process?


    As a must-see field in the catalogue printing market, album printing has shown a good development prospect for many years. It can _disibledevent="_self">catalog printing services, please contact us.

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  • 5 Common Crafts For Notebook Printing


    Notebook is a type of notebook printing product. Usually use by all kinds of business people or white-collar people. _disibledevent="_self">custom notebook printing needs to grasp the above 5 points. And then can print high-quality notepad notebooks.

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  • 5 common book binding methods


    The binding of books,divide into two major processes: "loading" and "binding". It is a general term for the process of book processing. Among them, the packaging is the processing of the book cover, that is, the binding. Ordering is the processing of book blocks, that is, the cost of ordering book

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  • Common Materials And Crafts For Paper Box Printing


    Paper box printing manufacturers are specialize in printing variety of packaging boxes. Such as gift box which also include different types. Like lid and tray gift box, magnet gift box and drawer type box etc.Different box have different characteristics, material, and finishing. So what common

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  • How To Custom Comic Books For Kids?


    With the comic book hot selling in the children's book market. Most authors start creating a comic book for kids. But what kind of comic book is suitable for the children? Below are 7 guides to help you find the ideas to custom comic book for self publish or sell. And then attract the parents wil

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  • How to make the fine print book by yourself


    The fine print book, whether as a gift for your friends or for self use, it is very meaningful. Because a fine print book can give us better reading experience and value to collect. So how to make the fine print book by yourself? Below 7 steps to guide you to make th

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  • How to do cheap magazine printing?


    Every year, many publishers still print various of magazines for sale. But in recent year, since the price of raw material and shipping is increase. Meanwhile, the cost of magazine printing is also increased. For publishers, how to do cheaper magazine and then let it earn more money is the

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  • Board Book VS Hardcover: Which Is Better


    These years, since hardcover children's book and board book are hot sale in the children's book market. Board book and hardcover book are also most popular among all kinds of children's book printing. Thus, most publishers print their children's book often choose between board book and hardcover

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  • 5 Common Binding Ways For Children's Book Printing


    Binding takes an important role in children book printing service. Different binding style, the book effect will be big different. The selection of binding style depends on what type of children's book is. _disibledevent="_self">children's book printing services. We need to detail consider our bo

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