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  • Special paper used in Catalogue printing


    Special paper is a paper with special functions made from different fibers by paper making machine, such as using synthetic fibers, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp alone. Cooperate with different materials for modification or processing, give paper different functions and uses. 

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  • Children Board Book Printing---Wonderful Hole Book


    When the baby come into a half years old this age, it has entered a particularly sensitive period of small things, summed up as a "sensitive period of small things". Mothers will find that the baby of this age is fascinated by the "buckle hole", full of unique love,

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  • What is the meaning of post-press processing?


    What is the meaning of post-press processing? Printing technology is mainly divided into three processes: pre-press, printing and post-press processing. Post-press processing is a general term for the processing techniques used to obtain the desired shape and performance of

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  • What paper requirements for magazine printing?


    Magazines are kind of timely reading, and it gets update relatively quickly. There have monthly magazine, quarterly magazine, and yearly magazine. According to certain editorial guidelines, it collects and publishes the works of many authors. A beautiful magazine is enoug

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  • The layout elements in book printing


    Layout refers to the sum of the graphic part and blank part on one side of a book printing, periodical or newspaper, that is, including the format center and the blank part around the format center of a page of a book or periodical. Through the layout can see the layout of all the design

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  • Key details in catalog printing process


    In the process of catalog printing, we will encounter various problems. Do you know which details in the printing process require your attention? 1. The first is ink issue What needs attention on the ink is the thickness and area. Because the thickness and area of&n

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  • 4 Design Inspiration Makes Your Catalog Better


    How should companies carry out offline marketing? The first thing everyone thinks of is advertising marketing and catalog marketing. Catalog marketing is divided into printed brochures, printed catalogs, printed promotional leaflets, and printed catalogs are the most popular among customers.

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  • The main factors that lead to color distortion


    1, color restoration processing caused by color distortion   Printers usually use C, M, Y, K four color ink to reproduce the color, because of the purity of the ink itself, so printing overprint will also cause color distortion.   2, color separation proce

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  • Catalog printing factory combination printing


    On-line production line is to combine each processing in a certain order, so that can complete the processing of multiple processes at one time . Composite printing production line is a complex of many printing processes, and its operation will be somewhat difficult. The following

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  • How to solve the foil stamping issues of Book Prin


    Why can't hot stamping be done sometimes   Judge the hot stamping effect, mainly depends on whether the text and pattern is clear, _disibledevent="">book printing, it is necessary to check whether the selection of anodized aluminum is appropria

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