• Why Do So Many Publishers Choose To Print In China


    Many people must _disibledevent="_blank">paper options, large bulk print and reduce energy waste. About shipment, we usually estimate the shipping cost and transit time very close, to help our client to save more cost and time. During transport, we will whole time follow your goods and up

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  • The Different Ways Of Children's Book Printing


    The printing of children's books focuses on the colorful world and endless innocence. When reading children's books, people will also lament the overall artistic beauty. From the perspective of production process and raw material use, children's books cover various printing process technolo

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  • 8 Common Book Printing Steps You Need To Know


    Many people will be curious how a book is born? In fact, it is printing. Printing transfers the originals, such as text and pictures through plate making, ink application. And pressure to transfer the ink to the surface of the paper to form a printed matter. 1. Layout p

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  • Way To Save Cost In Children's Book Printing


    Paper take an important role in the children's book printing industry. Correctly selecting paper and improving paper quality are the primary strategies for improving book quality and save much cost. Current status of paper selection for children's books At

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  • The Difference Between "Line" And "DPI"In Printing


    For designers in a book printing factory, the understanding of line and DPI is very vague, especially for the understanding of line, even for some seniors in the printing industry, it is difficult to have an accurate understanding. In the printing industry, especially for color printing industry,

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  • Printing Children's Books: What You Need to Know


    There are many kinds of children's books, including children's enlightenment books, children's popular science books, children's literature books and children's cartoon books. From the perspective of production technology and the use of raw materials, children's books cover a variety of printing

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  • Why Hardcover Book Is Not Dead And Selling Better


    Although cheap and easy-to-read paperback books and e-books have been widely loved by readers, hardcover books have _disibledevent="_blank">softcover book printing. But, on average, the profits of publishing hardcover books are higher than publishing paperback books. So they still choose to print

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  • How To Print A Book Oversea?


    When you are reading a book, will you think about how this book is printed?  I think most of us _disibledevent="_blank">Print oversea, you maybe worry at the beginning. Don't worry, I trust you will enjoy the great service, very cheap price, and very fantastic book quality.

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  • RGB Or CMYK: Which One Is More SuitabLe For Print


    RGB color mode is the most basic color mode, so RGB color mode is an important mode. As long as the image displayed on the computer screen, it must be in RGB mode. Because the physical structure of the display follows RGB. CMYK is also called printing color mode, as the name implies

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  • How To Choose A Printed Children's Book For Child


    It is very important to give children a good environment for books. Making children reading books from an early age is beneficial to children's growth. But also develops children's understanding of colors, numbers, graphics, etc. when reading books. Parents are often dazzled by the wide va

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