Printing Board Books For Baby All You Need To Know
02-21-2023 08:51:46

Before printing a board book for babies, you need to know about the board book knowledge, so that you can print a satisfied board book.

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What is a board book for toddler?

Board book is a type of children's enlightenment book, which is made of thicker cardboard. The binding way is two sheets of paper are glued into one page and then self-cover or hardcover is glued to be a book.

What ages are board books for?

Board books, usually designed for the age of 0-3 years old toddler. Because between these age of toddler, they are just beginning to know the world through books and love to chew on books. Board book, due to print with thicker cardboard and with special finishing, make it enough durable for toddler to read repeatedly. Besides, to attract these ages of children to read and easier for them to understand. The board books usually designed with simple sentence match bright color illustration.

Is a board book hardcover?

A board book can be a paperback or a hardcover, it depends on your choice. Printing paperback board book, which cover material is the same as inner page making of thicker cardboard. Printing hardcover board book, which cover material is the same as normal hardcover. The material can be cloth, leather, special paper, etc wrapping gray board. Board book with hard cover, which looks more high end and durable.

What are the benefits of board books?


Board book, as a children's enlightenment book designed for babies to use and read frequently. The board book printer to make sure it is enough durable, often selects thicker cardboard to print board books. Then lamination on the cover and finally with specialized board book binding. Even the children with huge habit to bite or tear book, their hard to damage the book.

2.Easy understanding

Considering the babies are starting to read, so when creating a board book, authors often with simple words or sentences match with beautiful and bright color pictures. Thus, board book is easy for children to read and understand.

3.Promote parent-child relationship

Parent, as the first enlightener for children to know the world. When parents selecting board books as enlightenment book to read with child. Emotional explanations and questions from parents, not only can better help children to understand the book content, during parent-child reading, also can promote parent-child relationship.

4.Develop pre-reading and thinking ability

Board books, design with simple words, number, sentences match with color pictures, which are help children to recognition letter and pronounce. Build a foundation for early language development. Besides, some board books combine with flip, puzzle, adventure, etc. link, not only can attract children to read, also can develop their thinking ability. Such as pop-up board book, flip board book, puzzle board book,etc.

What is the difference between board book and picture book?

Board book, usually short and simple word or sentences on each page and match with bright color pictures that help baby readers to understand each page's content. Board book often design in 8-32 pages, smaller and durable, suitable 0-3 age of toddler to read and withstand chew on the book. But a picture book is longer than a board book, usually picture book includes text and pictures on each paper page. A picture book can do as hardcover, saddle stitched, board book, etc format. Picture books, often design in 8-32 pages, but the reading age is over 2 years old.

How many pages is a board book?

A board book usually design in 8-32 pages with simple words or sentence with color pictures. Because too many pages are not convenient for toddler to hold on hand and read. Also, toddler is hard to pay long attention to one thing. If pages are too many, they will be lost interest in it. Unless your page design is very attractive for them.

What is a board book cover?

To make sure a board book is enough strong for children to repeat read and withstand them to throw or tear off on the book. A board book cover, usually is the thicker cardboard same as inner page or a hardcover making with leather, cloth, special paper wrapped gray board.

Which type of paper is suitable to print a board book?

Custom printing board books, often select 250-350gsm C1S (coated one side paper). Because of such kind of paper is enough thicker, not easier to tear off. Besides, the colors printed on C1S paper. The colors are more bright and colorful. Bright colors are more attractive for the toddler readers.

Board book VS hardcover: what is the difference?

Board book is made of thicker cardboard with rounded corner. The binding is each page of two sheets paper are glued together and then self cover or hardcover are glued to be a book. Board book is suitable for the book between 8-32 pages. Usually, board book is applied in children’s book.

Hardcover books have a wide range of paper options, like coated paper, matt art paper, offset paper, special paper, etc. The binding is all sheets are sewn together, then glued on end paper and hard cover. Hardcover is suitable for the book over 20 pages. No matter what type of your book, if you want, you can do as a hardcover.

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