China Seven Color Printing Group Printing Tips:
03-10-2015 18:23:11

China Seven Color Printing Group Printing Tips:

I am sales Lina,one of sales manager in this company for more than 7 years already. In my company there are more than 30 warmly sales,if you like which sales to serve you, pls email us at [email protected],thanks. I believe all our sales team are very kind and nice to serve every client.

Now let me tell every clients some useful printing information for you reference. I am very glad to be your printing assistant.


1: Leadtime: The production time we usually takes 10-12days, but if your book printing order is urgent, We will put on faster stage.So the time is no problem, you can tell me in advance, then we do works as per your requests. 

2: Quality control: For your order we will do as per following steps:

a: Sending artwork, checking by designer and myself 

b: You pay 50% in advance, we do free Digital sample free shipping via dhl, confirm printing content roughly

c: Mass Printing: after finish mass printing, Will do 1-2pcs magazine in advance, send you confirm printing firstly then do mass binding.

d: When all magazine finished, then you pay rest.  

e: Shipping and package: some company just pay attention to printing, but ignore the package. Our package are do as per international standard. Use green pallet, every carton less than 15kg, every pallet less than 35 cartons. All those make sure you can get it without any damage during long shipment. Shipping way you can choose part via air part via sea, if need urgent. If still happen any quality problem or mistakes we will promise do it freely for you. What I want is to do long term business with you, I will make sure the printings quality. That is why there are thousands of australia client choose cooperate with me. 


3: Comany verify: My factory is verified by alibaba, also verified in google, you can find us in both. My factory have more than 20years printing experience specialized in book printing china and catalogue printing china. I can fully understand you worries and cautious to find a new overseas printer. But give a trust, I will do best for you. At least I can swear to god: I am a honest people, donot want to lie you any cent. No matter you choose me or not, I am very happy to serve you. For your order, I have 100% confidence you will like our service very much. 

Welcome clients to my factory for a vistation, we are aiming to offer high quality printing jobs to every client. To be your best and reliable china printing suppliers.

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