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Catalog Printing in china printing 4u Notice

Catalog Printing in china printing 4u Notice


 First, the standard book production Size:

     Album production size 291 × 426mm ( each containing four sides 3mm bleeding ) ; middle reference line is divided into two pages .


Second, the standard album Finished Size:

     Album Finished Size 285 × 210mm.


 Third, the book publishing method :

     Book printing , insert text and other content placed on the cut -line 5mm, after cutting more beautiful pictures .


Fourth, the album Style:

     Horizontal pictures (285 × 210mm), vertical pictures (210 × 285mm).


V. Binding

      Saddle stitching , perfect binding , sewn binding , hardcover .


Six , book printing  software :

     We accept coreldraw, Illustrator, Photoshop software tools to create documents ; writing must transfer the curve or outline words.


Seven , the album format requirements :

1, CorelDraw please save CDR format ( using CorelDraw graphics , please convert into a bitmap , bitmap resolution is 350dpi).

2, Illustrator please saved as EPS format ( plug-in of the image file must be attached graphic ) .

3, Photoshop please deposit into TIF or JPG format, the file resolution 350dpi or more.


Eight , book production files , please set the color mode CMYK mode .


Nine , lines less than 0.076mm, printing will not be able to show, to be set not less than 0.076mm.


Ten , color settings can not be less than 5 %, so that color can not appear .


Eleven , Color Description :

1 , can not screen or printout colors to require printing color , fill, Do not use spot colors in the CMYK color when making sure reference value to produce a% coloring , or cause the color are not returnable.

2 , the same document printed at different times when there will be slight differences in color , brown , dark green , purple , etc., are more vulnerable to cast the problem , it is normal .

3 , do not use black text C: 100, M: 100, Y: 100, K: 100 of the four -color fill, four -color fills in excess of 250% or more large blocks of color printing is often caused by back printing ( sticky flower ) .


Solemn promise:


    All products, never cut corners to poor paper posing as a good paper to use , for example, 140,150 of paper instead of 157 paper use , printing paper is a basic , good paper print out in order to ensure good results , the company purchased copperplate double copper paper is the sun , purple Xing double copper , we are doing the best album of material . Another quantity shipped only a lot more , but some sellers to take jerry approach does not give sufficient number of shipments , also claimed difference of 3% -4 % is normal wear and tear, which is purely flicker everyone , do not be deceived. Under normal circumstances will be more than 2% -3 % of the amount of the extra amount is provided free of charge to everyone, welcome supervision.


   In addition, if quality problems are caused by our reason, we promise not to make excuses , do not look for reasons for free reprint .


Please read the following tips:

1 from the network because you can order colorless draft proofing , file stringent requirements such as color no color , I am afraid can not guarantee the same.


(2) In order to ensure the correctness of the file transfer draft the manuscript before the next one be sure to check the file contents are accurate, customer service does not provide any changes and reconciliation services , upon orders, as the order in force , can not be changed midway .


3 Finished size, there will be 1mm in cutting range of error in the printing industry is a normal phenomenon , not quality problems , if the product size requirements quite accurate , please order before .


4 different batches of printed products , the color may be different, not as a reason to return .


5 and if the color on the paper and printing with special requirements ( eg : contains spot color printing and paper brand ) , please be sure to make it clear before orders , the price to be recalculated , the best send samples to us for reference.


6 No complicated craftsmanship finalized generally 5-7 days to delivery, if the delay is due to the courier company , we try to help buyers to communicate with the courier or logistics companies , such as the issue is not resolved, the resulting economic loss , the restaurant will not be responsible .


Frequently Asked Questions : ( before the next one must see, photographed the following explanation that represents your understanding and recognition )


Q: What is the china printing quality guarantee?


A: The use of German imports new Heidelberg four -color printing machine , Heidelberg folding machines, purple Xing card , Sun brand double copper paper , imported ink , quality results You can rest assured .


Q: I do not design, design services do you offer ?


A: Yes , if you need to design publicity pictures, is the need to pay for every P150 million ( including shooting ) .


Q: How long does it printing in china , When will I receive ?


A: Usually 5-7 days after finalization album can be shipped . But because the printing process more complex process , there may be accidents occasionally delay the shipment . Courier companies also occasionally late arrival . So if your order is urgent , please do not order over. We do not accept a short delay in delivery due to timely delivery or courier brought not bad as well as the company's direct or indirect losses.


Q: Why A4 paper is 210mm * 297mm, while you print A4 is 210mm * 285mm for ?


A: Because Kaka is 297mm for printing on paper , printing paper in the production requires grabs , and this part is not printed on the content , so the market almost all of the A4 prints are 210mm * 285mm of .


Q: What color printing products and I see the same in the computer do ?


A: The computer display is an RGB color , and printing by CMYK four -color ink dot composition is different from the fundamental imaging . And different monitor, CRT , LCD screen manufacturers, display the menu RGB color adjustment, etc. are not the same ( think mall TV show, the same picture will have different colors ) , and even the same file in different software to open ( such as PS and tuxiuxiu ) colors are different. Thus in order to request a printed color display color is not realistic . Of course, the color of the monitor display can be used for reference, the printed colors can be displayed with a color to more than 85% . If you have strict requirements on the color , or the best proofing.


Q: I suddenly want to be finalized after the files can do to change it ?


A: We call ( designer ) with your final confirmation, immediately arranged plate , and this time we will usually completed within half an hour , and once plate , you can not modify the files. So you must be careful finalized. We are only responsible for the printing quality of the text within your design draft such errors without proofreading and exploration wrong , please understand.


Q: If print quality problems how to deal with ?


A: If quality problems ( such as using the wrong paper , cut the wrong size , were missing on the back , missing graphics , etc. ) , you need to return the goods , we are responsible for the free reprint . But you can not bear the resulting delays in customer use of direct and indirect losses. Due to the printing process and cost constraints, if any minor defects please bear with me , please do not grade on the artwork or photo effects to request prints, thank you !

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