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Printing industry out of the Red Sea paper box

Innovation and win new market demand, differentiated to obtain high interest, with the cross-cutting strategic alliance to create a blue ocean strategy is the printing china.


In recent years, printing technology and equipment research and development a major breakthrough in reducing costs, improve efficiency, expand production capacity, but also resulted in more intense printing companies to seize market share, dumping large quantities of other issues, making the traditional printing industry into a price-cutting competition in a vicious cycle.


Improvement in technology, the traditional labor-intensive and technical experience in the printing industry, has been automated with simple computer operations change, employees also work from the past into the technical level blue-collar white-collar workers.


Printing industry out of the Red Sea, the road of innovation


In this environment, printing technology industry should be green, cross-media, cross-cutting, integrated services for the spindle, in creating demand and create differences in the way to create a league, the innovative printing technology industry.


Create demand (CreateNeeds):


First you must establish a "demand creation" concept. Understand the needs, creating service to develop the market. For example, the face of global environmental awareness, environmental protection has become a trend nowadays, printing technology industry also need to response to environmental demands for reform, therefore environmentally friendly materials, green printing, carbon footprint and other new needs and services are also bred . The result of market demand to generate new products and services also offer higher profits.


In addition, digital media, cloud technology and the popularity of the network, changing consumer habits past, driving new business models and services. Consumers desire diverse pipeline of services, so the printing industry is also from B2C, B2B, C2C, etc. to create a P2P business model to meet customer needs, such as multi-publishing, cloud print (W2P), personalized printing, and co-edition printing. These cross-media services to increase the printing business areas, to meet customer needs, enhance the competitiveness of the body, to become today's printing industry trend.


Create differences (CreateDifferences):


Personalization and value-added products, customers are willing to pay a higher price to buy, of products produced with the traditional markets differentiated competitive advantage. Especially in the era of digital printing, chinese printing company technology industry should move towards interdisciplinary cooperation and integration, and the development of product differentiation, such as decoration materials, furniture, 3C products, fine art reproduction high price products, value-added applications to further improve price and make a profit. In short, through interdisciplinary cooperation, the use of value-added production and printing services customized products, provide product differentiation advantages, to meet customer demand, open up new markets.


Strategic Alliance (CreateAlliances):


Printing industry to cross-media, cross and integration services, paper bag manufacturers printing industry should have a good strategic partner, we can integrate external resources to create competitive differentiation and strengthening competitiveness, such as disseminating information partner, art economic partners, such as printing and publishing alliance. In addition, printing technology industry can cooperate towards services and high-tech industries, such as displays, semiconductor materials, energy materials, medical materials, etc., are no longer just downstream or processing companies, but can be jointly developed strategic partnerships.

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