Paper packaging, never outdate
05-10-2012 12:34:42

Paper packaging, never outdate

China Sever Color Group Xuancai Printing is a set design, plate making, production, sales in one of the professional paper bag manufacturer. Company specializes in selling white paper, check paperboard, kraft paper, and production of various paper packaging, such as: white china paper bag, paper kraft bag, kraft paper boxes, corrugated boxes, medicine boxes, wine boxes, shoe box, paper gift box, I commitment: stable quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery.

  The Company on the market since, well received by new and old customers praise, in the packaging industry, the rapid development of today, in the face of the WTO international market, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, to enable enterprises to be able to continue as a going steady and healthy development , our company will continue to improve staff quality, strict quality control, and strive to make high-quality low-price products to return the new and old customers.

 [Tips] is well known that paper is a recyclable resource. The papermaking raw materials are plant fibers, the raw material containing cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin three major components, in addition, there are other less content of resin components, such as ash. In addition to sodium and other auxiliary components. Paper in addition to the plant fiber, but also according to different media need to add a different filler. Often use plastic bags made ​?/SPAN>of polyethylene, the raw material used is oil, the oil is a shortage of energy. In contrast, the production of raw materials for paper bag trees, is a renewable resource. Inherently biodegradable, recyclable natural features labeled green label.

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