What is bronzing process for catalogue printing?
11-26-2021 11:44:35

The cover design of the publicity catalogue is like the face of the company, the image of the company. The bronzing process plays a direct and important role in improving the overall image of the propaganda catalogue. Chinaprinting4u will introduce you to the bronzing process of catalogue printing and what functions it has.

Hot stamping process introduction and printing precautions


Hot stamping, also known as anodized aluminum foil hot stamping, is to emboss golden characters or patterns on printed matter through a certain temperature and pressure. Hot stamping has the characteristics of clear patterns, beautiful, bright colors, etc., has a good visual effect, and also has a bumpy feel to the touch.


What is the bronzing process for catalogue printing


There are several points to be noted in the process of hot stamping printing:

1. The hot stamping process of the promotion catalogue printing should try to avoid the phenomenon of crystallization after the main color and large-area overprinting, so that the hot stamping cannot be printed.

2. There are bronzing lines, images, and texts in the process of product packaging and decoration design. Generally speaking, they should not be too thin.

3. In the same area, the background color and text cannot be bronzed together in a large area. In this case, there is a hot stamping field and a small hot stamping text. However, the full-plate hot stamping requires a large amount of ink on the spot, while the text and lines After the amount is large, the problem of smearing will occur, and it is not easy to grasp the amount of ink used.

4. When designing the printing color sequence, consider putting the gold color on the back.

5. Put as much as possible on the black, red, and blue solid ground for hot stamping, so that there is a paving effect of the background color, and the printed products after hot stamping have better gloss.

6. The surface of the blanket is severely worn, luminous, hardened, and it needs to be replaced with a new blanket for bronzing if it is used for too long.


What is the bronzing process for catalogue printing


The function of the bronzing process

1. As a surface decoration, increase the added value of the product. The combination of bronzing and embossing process is more luxurious;

2. Give the product high anti-counterfeiting performance, and use holographic positioning and hot stamping of trademark logo to prevent counterfeiting and protect famous brands. It can also show the personalization of product packaging, safety and environmental protection.

The use of bronzing process can better highlight the eye-catching, luxurious and beautiful catalogue, and can better demonstrate the temperament and taste.

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