Hot stamping technology in paper box printing
09-01-2021 08:32:34

In today's fierce competition of products in the market, the value of the product is not limited to the product itself, and other added value is also very valued, and the outer packaging is one of the more prominent points. In order to maximize this added value as much as possible, but also for effective packaging anti-counterfeiting, more and more paper box printing uses hot stamping technology.


Hot stamping includes ordinary hot stamping, cold stamping, embossing hot stamping and holographic hot stamping. Commonly used ordinary hot stamping processes include flat flat hot stamping and round flat hot stamping. Since round flat hot stamping is line contact, it has the characteristics of extensive hot stamping substrates, suitable for large-area hot stamping, and high hot stamping accuracy. It is widely used in many gift packaging productions.


Cold stamping does not need to use a heated metal plate, but uses a printing adhesive to transfer the metal foil. The cold stamping process has low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency. It is a new process with great development prospects.


Concave and convex hot stamping is the use of modern engraving technology to make up and down matching female and male molds. The hot stamping and embossing process is completed at one time, which improves production efficiency. The mold made by electric engraving can be curved to achieve a special three-dimensional relief effect. The emergence of embossing and embossing enables the embossing and embossing processes to be completed at the same time, reducing the process and the waste caused by inaccurate overprinting.


With a variety of manufacturing processes, the anti-counterfeiting performance of the holographic logo on many paper boxes can play the biggest role, the color is brighter, clearer, and the anti-counterfeiting is more precise.


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