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Colour printing: matters to be noted
01-07-2020 16:45:20

First, the printing factories in the selection of color must consider its color characteristics, such as light resistance, penetration, lead, so as not to cause economic losses.

Use line color plus white to mix pink, such as 10%~20% red plus 90%~80% white, first of all pay attention to the red light resistance, because the color characteristic indicated by the ink manufacturer refers to the light resistance of the original ink, but the user toning the two different colors will reduce the light resistance of the red.

In the book printing china, it is common for many printed materials to use purple, generally purple ink unit price is low, such as single-sided printing need not worry, such as some packaging to double-sided printing, pay special attention to purple penetration, because the ordinary purple is permeable, after the finished product is stored for a long time, the purple on the back of the printing will penetrate into other colors with printing below, so the user must consider the color permeability of double-sided printing, choose impermeable purple to avoid loss.

Second, the film before printing and the adhesion after printing.The surface tension of the film must be up to 38 dB, which is better to be tested by corona test pen, because the film is produced by electronic treatment, but the effect of the film treatment will fade with the extension of storage time. The fading speed is related to the environment temperature, raw material, film thickness, etc. The film contains additives such as lubricant, plasticizer, antistatic agent fade faster than no additive, but now many printing factories can blow the film by themselves and handle it electronically. However, because they cannot master the processing procedure, the treatment gap between 1~2mm and 1~2mm, the voltage between 1~5 volts and so on.

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