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The printing service quotation factors

-Book Printing Factors: Paper stock for cover and text, Size, Colors, Binding way, Pages including cover, Quantity. The above six factors are mainly factors for printing book. If buyer donot know how to choose above factors, our sales will recommend best printing solutions as per your requests.

-Paper stock: for hardcover book printing, paperback book, children book, cookbook book, booklet , magazine , brochures, catalogs, we strongly advise choose 250g-300g art paper as cover paper stock, while text choose 128g-157g art paper.

-Finished Size: For book printing company in china the standard A4 is 210*285mm, while international standard A4 is 210*297mm. If you donot have strict requests on size, we recommend you use 210*285mm which cheaper a lot.

-Printing Colors: hardcover book, children book, cookbook, booklet, catalog, brochure, catalog usually use full color more, while novel, manual, notebook,textbook,notepad,diary use single black color printing more. If single color printing we use 80-120g wood free paper more.

-Pages:One sheet paper we called 2 pages. There are 4pages for front cover and back cover. The text page need design in multiple pages. If singular pages we will add one blank pages as last text page.

-Binding way: There are perfect glue binding, sewn glue binding, saddle stitched, case bound,coil binding, wire-O binding, spiral binding etc. Less than 48pages we advise choose saddle stitched binding way, for more than 48page use glue binding is better. Our glue is high quality that can make sure use for long term,sewn glue binding is most choice for our clients. Hardcover binding we use case bound, which is our most professional and strongest production line. Our hardcover binding machines are best and advanced among this printing industry.

-Quantity: Our minimum order quantity is 500pcs. The 1000pcs total production cost is almost same as 500pcs . So if you order more then unit price will be much cheaper. If order more than 2000pcs books price difference will be large.

Why the printing quantity affect price so large?

From the table below, the printing quantity decide the unit price and total price, while the number of printing in the range of 0-3000, the unit price lower trend is very obvious, reaching more than 5000 points, add printing quantity, unit price lower than 1000-2000 price. And the total price is always increases with the increase in the number of printing, but increased the minimum range from 0-3000.Of course. Buyer donot need consider these factors if you have requirements on the quantity.


Why the book printing minimum order quantity is 500pcs

In general, our minimum 500pcs per book. Because we print via large machines not digital printing. The less quantity will lead to unit price much higher, less than 500pcs is not reasonable and economical choice for your business.In the process of the book printing, some costs are fixed that will not be reduced because of reduction in the number of printing. For example, the design cost, films, proofing, plate-making fee, etc.These costs will no any difference for print 1pc or 10000pcs. Therefore the more quantity you order, then lower price you will get.

Why different printing company different price?

1: Paper Stock Brand, paper classification, if choose different quality paper will cause the different quotation.

2:Ink (domestic ink, imported ink, the brand ink) The ink quality will affect the color brightness and vivid; Identify the smell of ink, if smelled bad then really not good, although price cheaper a lot. We never choose poor quality ink. All our ink for book printing,catalog printing, booklet printing, magazine printing,etc all used imported brand ink.

3:Printing machines are very important part. The printing machines new or old will affect printing quality finally. That is why some clients said other suppliers are cheaper offer, but later after they look their factory, wow, all are old devices from last century. 

4:The operation masters' experience and professional quality

5:The quality control before package

6:The sales services level and company management system whether strict and perfect all those will lead the price difference. The company who pay highly attention to quality control, the qualified rate is higher. The corresponding this kind of enterprise running cost increase.

Chinaprinting4u guarantee high quality printing services at lowest price.

We target to build long term business with every client, quality will keep high always. We guarantee our printings are perfect quality in China printing companies. We guarantee our printings is without any quality problem or damage. If any printing errors or quality problem, we will promise reprint freely or refund your money without any excuse. Any printing inquiries donot hesitate to send us inquiry at we will reply at soonest time. 

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