What Does Board Book vs Paperback Mean
05-12-2023 09:12:41

Do you know what does board book and paperback mean? And why print board book for babies nor paperback? Read on to find the answer.

What's board book?

what's board book

A board book is a type of book made to withstand being handled and read by babies, so it's often made from hard materials such as cardboard or thick paper..
Board books are most often used for children's books. The term "board book" can also be used to refer to any paperback book that's been given a heavier cover than usual.
Board book printing is a process that involves folding the paper multiple times, then binding it into a finished product with glue. The thickness of the paper used in this process makes it possible for the resulting book to be easily held and turned, even by small children. Board book printing is typically done on an offset press, which is a machine that prints in full color on both sides of the sheets of paper before binding them together into one volume.
The term board book describes a type of book made with a stiff, thick paper. It is often designed to be durable and withstand the wear and tear of small children. Board books are also sometimes called picture books or board books.

What's paperback book?

Paperback books, also called softcover books, are usually made of firmer, thicker soft paper. Paperback books are the first choice of most users because of their relatively simple printing and relatively low cost. The covers of paperback books are now basically treated with lamination. This is to paste a transparent glossy or matte (matte) plastic film on the cover paper under the action of certain temperature, pressure and adhesive. So that the cover can increase the thickness, fastness and water resistance.
Under normal circumstances, the book binding methods used for paperback books include saddle stitching, perfect binding, sew and perfect binding.
The term paperback refers to any book whose pages have been printed on only one side—usually with just black ink—and then folded over into sections. So they can be bound together into something resembling a hardcover book without requiring as much effort or expense on behalf of the publisher or author.

Why print board book for babies nor paperback?

Printing board books on thick, durable paper. They're also a lot more expensive to print than regular children's books. A board book is a type of book that is made with pages that are thicker and sturdier than a regular children's book. They're usually hardcover and have rounded corners, which makes them safer for babies to play with. Board book printing is also more expensive than regular children's books because they use thicker paper and stronger inks. They are printed on thick, sturdy paper which is still much thicker than the pages in a traditional paperback book.
The reason for the extra thickness is to protect the book from being destroyed by small children (or just clumsy adults). The cover protects the pages from being torn out or chewed up by little people who haven't yet learned not to put things in their mouths.
Board books for children are a book we print on commercial, offset printing presses; never on-demand. Why is that important? Simply, babies and children put books in their mouths. Our books print on offset presses with quality ink, and on coated stock. No toner going into babies' mouths. The books can have either a varnish or lamination applied. Ink will not rub off, but toner will. Children's board books are printed with care for babies. We are one of the few that provide or broker that service. Chinaprinting4u prints wonderful board books with round corners, laminate covers, and laminate or varnish on interior pages.

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