What Are The Preparations Before Perfect Binding?
02-28-2023 08:42:28

perfect bound book

1.Stacking of book pages after folding

In the pr binding preparation of books and periodicals, the folding quality of book pages will directly affect the forming quality of books and the normal operation of the whole machine, as well as the book publishing cycle and the exertion of economic benefits, whether it is a linear binding machine or a disc binding machine and the binding production line. According to the situation of more than a dozen printing plants of the perfect bound book printing, more than 50% of the failures of the machine's shutdown and neutral operation (including the linkage line equipped with a sticker throwing device) are caused by non-standard folding and non-standard stacking of book stickers. In order to ensure the normal operation of the binding machine, the book post processing after folding is the key link in binding production. The method is as follows:

1. The four-fold pages with more than 80g should be broken.

After the air in the book should be discharged, the two ends of the book should be bound with hardwood boards (the size of the board is the same as the size of the book) into the same length of book stickers with a binding machine. The book stickers should be stacked for more than 2 days for the flatness of the book stickers. The stacking time of urgent book stickers should not be less than 24 hours or the book stickers must be flattened before binding after the page is matched.

2. After matching the pages of the book block used by the binding machine, the process of bundling, binding and splitting must be carried out to ensure that the back of the book block is flat and the inner page is not loose or missing. If the book paste is not bound after matching, the loose copy is easy to be scattered, or some paste, page milling back and slotting do not meet the standard, it is easy to drop or loose pages.

3. After binding the folded book stickers, the workshop area of some enterprises is limited by the production development. Only the book stickers are placed in the corridor and outdoors, and the book stickers are placed in the warehouse without heating in winter. When binding, they are directly transported to the binding workshop for gluing. In winter, due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the quality of binding will be seriously affected. During binding, after the glue liquid and the book stickers with temperature difference contact, the surface of the back glue layer and the side glue layer will drop instantaneously and shorten the setting time and opening time of the hot melt adhesive. The treatment and avoidance methods for the above problems are as follows: in winter, the book stickers that need to be bound will be transported to the workshop and the same temperature of the workshop for stacking at least one day in advance, Timely treat the binding book stickers to minimize the quality problems caused by the temperature difference between the book stickers and the workshop.

4. Page dropping and scattering; The main reasons for page loss and loose pages are related to folding. If the folding set is too large and the page is not in place when clamping, in order to avoid the page falling and the loose page (80g) or more, the air must be discharged when the perfect bound book printing is folded four times. If there is a folding or single page in the book, it is better to stick the page, so that the problem of page falling and loose page (excluding the cause of milling cutter) can be solved.

2. Pre-work inspection of the plastic packaging machine

1. Before starting the domestic plastic packaging machine, pay attention to the inspection of the support plate of the milling cutter and the milling cutter. The sharpness of the milling cutter shall be checked regularly according to the use time of the rubber bag production, and the milling cutter that cannot be milled by the paper scraps shall be replaced regularly; The pallet shall be frequently calibrated to ensure the consistency of the pallet working surface; Each working team shall refuel each refueling position at least twice.

2. At the end of each work shift, the book brush and slotting knife shall be cleaned in time to keep the guide rail surface clean. Carefully maintain and repair the air suction device and ensure that the paper scraps are completely separated from the book stickers during back milling and slotting. The paper scraps cannot be brought into the glue pot with the movement of the book stickers. On the contrary, check and replace the pallet and milling cutter.

In the binding process management of the perfect bound book printing, during the production of the glue pot without preheating, the amount of glue added to the glue pot at a time shall be strictly limited, so as to reduce the time of glue in the glue pot and avoid the aging of hot melt glue. In practice, the rubber temperature used in the certificate core in winter is generally 10 ° C higher than that in other seasons, and the rubber temperature is controlled between 180 ° C and 185 ° C, so that the viscosity of the rubber is less than 4000mPa · s. In order to maintain good wetting performance of the adhesive on the page. Within the critical aging temperature of 170 ° C~220 ° C during the normal use of hot melt adhesive, strictly control the higher temperature, which is not only to maintain good wettability, but also to greatly reduce or even eliminate the wiredrawing phenomenon of adhesive coating. It can reduce or avoid the processing time of each process fault caused by glue winding, which is beneficial to improve the production efficiency of the whole machine.

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