• New requirements of digital printing for workflow


    Nowadays, the application of digital printing technology by traditional printing companies has risen to the strategic decision goal. This is _disibledevent="https://www.chinaprinting4u.com/">Chinese printer, we will provide you with the best service.

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  • What should be paid attention to in CMYK printing?


    Four-color printing is the most basic printing method in brochure printing, and its requirements are very high. For professional Chinese printers or book printing companies, the mastery of printing colors is a very important basic skill, so what are the rules for color matching in printing?

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  • Differences between digital & traditional printing


    The digital quick printing system is mainly composed of a pre-press system and a digital printing machine. Some systems are also equipped with binding and cutting equipment. Its working principle is: the operator outputs the original manuscript (graphic digital information), or digital inform

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  • What are UV ink and EB ink?


    UV inks are inks that are cured by ultraviolet light. EB inks are inks that are cured by electron beam energy. They are all inks that are cured by radiation. Therefore, UV and EB inks are also called radiation curing ink printing. At present, the application of this kind of ink in inkjet prin

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  • What are the benefits of leaflet printing?


    Publicity and promotion are the main purpose of commercial leaflets, and attention should be paid to enhancing the effect of publicity and promotion in the design of the leaflet printing. The benefits of this are: on the one hand, by improving the beauty and eye-catching effect of the leaflet

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  • Why need to pay attention to catalog printing?


    The function of catalogue printing is to promote the company's products and culture. General company catalogues have detailed company introductions, information, public products, concepts, culture, etc., so that customers can understand the company culture in detail and comprehensively at th

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  • How to reduce costs from pre-press printing?


    How to reduce the cost of books is the concern of each of our publishing workers. As Chinese printers, should be proficient in plate making, printing technology, book printing cost standards, understand paper specifications and performance and the production capacity of relevant printing pla

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  • What are the folding methods of brochure printing?


    Brochure Printing is similar to book binding; the publicity hinge has both the integrity of the cover and the integrity of the content, which is one of its own, which is loved by businesses and consumers. Compared with the single page, the display content of the publicity folding page is ric

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  • How to prevent stains during the sticker printing?


    1. Self-adhesive is easy to stain on the back when printing on the whole page. This is due to the poor ink absorption of coated paper on the surface of the self-adhesive label. When sticking printing, try to use the original ink instead of 6# mixing oil, and add some appropriately. Adhesive,

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  • Key points of QR code print in book printing


    Due to the defects of printing equipment, printing plate, ink and manual operation, there will be deviation in the book printing of QR code. It is precisely because the QR code may have poor quality in the printing process, so we should detect the QR code before use, otherwise we can't read

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