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Some basic knowledge of printing process

Why is gold, silver a special color?

In design, customers often require use gold and silver printing service, because the gold and silver cannot be implemented by four color color, so the printing and technology have special requirements, printing, gold and silver is handled according to the color, with gold and silver ink to printing, so the film also should be the color film, separate out a piece of films, and sun printing alone.

In computer design, a color shall be defined to represent gold or silver, and the color type shall be defined as a special color to meet the design requirements. As gold and silver are opaque, the content of gold and silver can be set as embossing

What is spot color?

Spot color refers to when book printing, not through printing C,M,Y,K four color synthesis of this color, but a special ink to print the color. Spot inks are pre-mixed or produced by printing plants. For each type of print, there is a special color version when printing. Use spot colors to make them more accurate. Although color cannot be represented accurately on a computer, the preprinted color pattern card of the standard color matching system can be seen to be accurate on paper. For example, the Pantone color matching system creates a very detailed color pattern card.

To the non-standard spot color that sets in the design, printing house is not necessarily accurate ground is mixed come out, and also cannot see accurate color on the screen, so if not special requirement, need not use the spot color that defines oneself easily.

3. Gold stamping: the scientific name is thermal transfer printing, short for thermal transfer printing, commonly known as gold stamping, silver ironing. There is also a cold pad print.

UV: UV, UV is short, UV transparent oil is the full name, is the UV irradiation to dry curing ink, UV is usually screen printing process, now also offset UV.

5. Embossing: the process of embossing with the scientific name of embossing, which causes local changes in the substrate to form patterns by pressure. It is the combination of two plates of plates and under plates after metal plate corrosion, divided into two types, namely cheap ordinary corroded plates and expensive laser engraving plates

6.Beer: it means die cutting.

7.YO: it's a springy object, mostly made of plastic, usually used on the spine of a wall calendar and a notebook.

8. Over gum: press a transparent plastic film on the printed paper, including crystal film, light glue and sub-gloss glue.

9.Pinhole: also called needle thread, floss, which is used to press a half - connected line into the paper, usually at the packaging outlet.

10. Punching: it is to make a hole for a piece of paper or N sheets according to the required size. There is a special punching machine.

11. Flocking: to apply a layer of adhesive to the paper and then a layer of velvet-like material to make the paper look and feel a bit like a flannelette

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