Five kinds of process for catalogue printing
07-12-2018 14:51:07

Catalogue printing is mainly used for corporate propaganda, so the quality of a corporate catalogue is also very important. Because a beautifully crafted catalogue can give people a bright feeling, it will leave a deep impression.

The process of catalogue printing is also divided into many types, including laminating, embossing, die cutting, spot UV, and hot stamping. Let me introduce you one by one.


1. Embossing is a kind of mold that uses a concave-convex mold, has a certain pattern and a specific pattern, and then produces a pattern under a certain force, thereby processing the surface of the printed matter to produce an art process. The embossed print surface will show different patterns and textures, which will produce a certain three-dimensional sense, and also enhance the artistic appeal of printing.


2. The lamination process is a process in which the printed matter is heated and pressurized and bonded to the plastic film. The surface of the printed product processed by this process will be smoother and flatter, thus also improving the gloss of the printed matter.


3. The die-cutting process is a kind of shape according to the design requirements of the printed matter, specializing in making a specific die-cutting knife, and then cutting the printed matter or other printing into a desired shape under a certain force, and then Formed in a process.


4. UV glazing refers to the special coating applied by UV to the surface of the printed matter or some local needs. After UV irradiation, it can be dried and hardened very quickly.


5. Hot stamping is a processing technique of stamping the pigment of metal foil on the surface of a printed template by a certain external force and temperature. Prints using this process will exhibit a strong metallic texture.

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