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Optimize printing technology and lower print cost

With the continuous development of social economy, the information age has come, which brings great challenges to the development of information technology factory.  Of course, the printing factory has been affected, and has huge impact.  How to optimize the quality of the product while reducing the internal printing cost is the key to the survival of an enterprise, and also the issue of public concern.  One way to reduce the cost of printing is to optimize the printing process.  How to obtain a high-quality printed matter the most important link is the printing process. Of course, only by coordinating and coordinating the various parts of the printing process can a high-quality printed material be printed.  Only high-quality printed matter can be highly competitive in the market.  First of all, the development of the printing factory itself has encountered bottlenecks, and the advent of the information age, the popularization of electronic products such as mobile phones has made the printing factory difficult.  Therefore, all printing enterprises must optimize the printing process route to survive in the information age.


Analysis of the necessity of optimizing printing process route.

With the coming of information age, the printing factory is facing crisis, cost of raw material purchase price is higher and higher, and the market price of the print is more and more low, fewer and fewer profits of enterprises, in addition, office expenses and personnel costs and tax costs, but also compressed the printing enterprise survival space. (1) There is also an increasingly fierce market competition in the same factory, and enterprises are only left with internal cost compression to improve their profits.  The internal cost compression requires reasonable optimization of the printing process route and the production of every link, only increase production efficiency to achieve greater economic benefits.


Optimize the printing process route.

Paper is the most important raw materials, printing factory and the ink setting is also an important standard of printing quality, in addition to the reasonable choose paper and adjust gook ink, the other point is also very important, is to manage the personnel must be locked well, arrange and coordinate the printing work, completes the inspection sampling.

2.1. Paper optimization.

2.1.1, optimize the choice of raw material in the printing products, the biggest raw material is paper, printing what products should use what kind of paper is to have cultured, such as books and textbooks, they choose the paper is not the same.  It can meet the visual effect and reduce the paper cost reasonable. Reasonable choice of paper materials is also one of the key to optimize printing products. The same kind of material is a page of paper, its grams are different, the size is different, the corresponding price is not the same.  The same paper but different thickness means that the higher the number of grams, the more expensive it is.

2.1.2, reasonable grasp the paper opening and optimize book binding paper grasp of the opening is incision are requested not to leave a big gap, irregular paper will reduce, which means waste material must be controlled, caní»t lose too much.  Of the opening of the paper are linked to the binding of books, in the choice of the opening of the paper, such as 32 open books will try to choose 36 paper, white space is little, requires binding must make full use of white space, every book has its own binding method, the center across pages blank place less to stay, also can avoid the waste of layout is too large.  Binding in the beautiful while, also reasonable reduce paper cost.

2.1.3. The cover size must be designed according to the parameters of the paper.  Too large and too small will affect the aesthetics of the book.  Generally, the le mouth of the book should be designed slightly larger, otherwise it will lead to waste of paper due to inconsistent parameters.  It is the same with the printing factory, which is the same with the printing factory.  The profit of the printing factory is really low, and it is very difficult to profit if the quantity is not reached.


2.2. The management personnel shall arrange and coordinate the work reasonably, and check the sampling and inspection.

2.21, arrange printing work general shop there will be a lot of printing press, but the same specifications of the printing works best on a printing press operation, this not only ensures the consistency of printing products, also saves hours.  In arranging the printing work, the operator caní»t cut corners, any problems in any ink may cause the quality of printed matter to be not guaranteed.  Fuzzy printed things, for example, cut a little material will lead to irreparable loss, and if the delayed time limit for a project, also will affect the image of the company in the customer heart, do more harm than good.  Therefore, in the process of printing, managers must coordinate and arrange every link of printing work.

2.2.2, for monitoring ink as we all know, the printing products is relatively high to the requirement of printing ink, ink consumption directly affects the readersí» visual perception, too little or too much will affect the quality of the whole printing.  In the usual printing process, the amount of ink monitoring is very important one link, the management staff of printing should be real-time monitoring on the ink quantity, this way to improve the efficiency of the use of ink, at the same time help to print the whole display.(2) Scientific and reasonable monitoring of ink quality is the premise of quality control, which is also an important factor in the quality of printed matter.

2.2.3. When checking the sampling and inspection work, the working person must test out more changes as far as possible, and the samples tested are the indicators of the state of the printing press.  In the course of operation, if the staff finds the deviation, it must be adjusted immediately, and the printed products is guaranteed to be free from problems.  If the problem is found, it will not be corrected in time.  In the actual work process, sampling and inspection work is combined with each other, promote each other, sampling is mainly refers to random inspection of printed products, printing machines and inspection in focused on the inspection, it is also optimize the basic requirement of printing technology, as well as to reduce the printing cost.


2.3, Improve the comprehensive quality of printers.

In the new economic situation, skills become an important factor of production and play a role in their respective fields.  In the printing factory, although the progress of science and technology is the trend of the development of the digital printing in the future, but for the most important proofreading process, such as the role of people never be underestimated, even more important. Especially in the rapid development of digital printing, the comprehensive quality of printing personnel is more stringent.  First, the printing staff business capability determines the quality and efficiency, the printing staffs are often the frontline staff, basic skills and operation process of printing need lessons to heart, this is the basic guarantee of improving efficiency.  Secondly, the cultivation of high-quality printing talents is conductive to the innovative printing workflow and efficiency.  Both printing process and printing process, it is the innovation constantly, but often these innovations mostly derived from the innovative thinking of business people, this will reduce the printing cost of the enterprise.  Thirdly, to establish the communication mechanism of printing factory, the printing personnel need to keep abreast of the latest developments of the factory, so as to keep the enterprises from leaving the market.


Optimize printing design using internet thinking.

The Internet economy lasts hot printing factory a new development of motivation, the new improved its printing process over the years, especially in terms of design, the design style of abandoned the previous complex, to pure and fresh and contracted design aesthetics.  The direct effect of the transfer of design style to printing is that the cost is reduced, and more attention to environmental protection has no more brilliant color matching.  At the same time, companies have established online channels, the Internet printing strategy of thinking mode also brought corresponding adjustment, this will no doubt greatly increase the favorability of the user, to reduce the printing cost at the same time also is obvious.


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