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China printing industry, as an important part of the press and publishing industry, has maintained rapid growth in recent years.  "11th Five-Year" period, the total output value of China printing services with an average annual growth rate of 19.3%, far higher than the national economic growth rate of 11.2%, and in 2011 the total output value of the total output value of China printing industry accounted for 57.8% of the news publishing industry, printing has become the main force in the development of China cultural industry. At present, the overall size of China printing industry is close to the second place in the world, the degree of intensive industries is gradually improving, and the trend of development is good. It is estimated that by the end of 12th Five-Year, the total output value of China printing industry will exceed RMB 11000, and it will become the second largest printing country and the world printing center in the world. Meanwhile, the printing industry will gradually change to a printing power.

1. Large manufacturers profit model analysis

(1) Profit growth point

The printing of books and periodicals has entered a period of stagnation, and packaging printing is a growth engine. This is a general consensus among the industry. In the 2015 world printing and communication forum, some research institutes have predicted the total amount of printing change over the next 5 years. The growth rate is higher in packaging and printing, with an annual compound growth rate of 4.1%; the annual growth rate of commercial printing is 0.2%; publishing and printing are basically flat. Paper packaging, metal packaging is currently in the rapid growth phase of the long boom period: the rapid development of the Internet economy, and commodity homogenization has become increasingly obvious, the packaging has become the first impression of consumer goods and contact, is playing an increasingly important role, the protection function of the original packaging gradually weakened, advertising marketing, brand promotion effect has become increasingly prominent. And the emergence of the electricity supplier economy "two packaging" demand peat lands, driving the packaging industry high profile. In the face of a superb collection of beautiful things goods, packaging can directly affect the purchase of consumer psychology, more and more enterprises pay attention to product packaging, to provide packaging design, production, logistics and packaging integration Services Company, will receive a higher gross margin

Paper packaging, metal packaging industry belongs to the typical large and small companies, industry concentration is low bred giant growth opportunities, paper packaging and metal packaging industry to enhance the degree of concentration is increasingly obvious, the integration of the industry a huge bonus. Packaging enterprises have customer resources, technology and capital advantages, will become the industry integration and beneficiaries, decentralized competition and huge market space, provides a historical opportunity for the leading enterprises through mergers and acquisitions bigger and stronger. Those large packaging enterprises with customer resources, technology and capital advantages will become large oligarch enterprises and acquire through mergers

Purchase continues to enhance the concentration of industry, and truly grow into the packaging industry "desert flower."

(2) Profit model;

1) The traditional packaging industry model, the leading enterprises in the industry have the advantages of customer resources, technology, funds and talents, and can rely on these advantages to make and strengthen the traditional packaging industry

2) packaging integration service mode service packaging integration refers to the packaging suppliers complete all aspects related to customer product packaging, which in addition to providing packaging products, packaging products, packaging design also provides scheme optimization, third party logistics, procurement and packaging products supplier inventory management and auxiliary packaging etc.. Packaging integration service can increase customer stickiness, reduce costs and enhance efficiency and reduce customer risk, stop line has the advantage of improving resource utilization rate and profitability, is the representative of packaging enterprise extends along the smile curve at both ends, can significantly improve the added value of the products.

(3) Typical cases

1) Traditional horizontal mergers and Acquisitions: cross regional expansion, expansion of category and downstream customers

2) Vertical mergers and acquisitions in the industry chain: acquisition package design, cultural creativity, brand planning targets, strengthen the integration of customer solutions

3) Cloud printing and Internet packaging: through the acquisition of mature cloud printing service providers, layout Internet packaging business.

2. Product demand change cycle

(1) introduction of "demand" and "product life cycle" of the relationship between the period of product life cycle, consumer demand is the primary demand "; growth stage of the product life cycle, consumer demand is selective demand";

At the mature stage of the product life cycle, the demand of consumers is "repeated demand". In the declining period of the product life cycle, the demand of consumers is "new demand".

(2) demand change of packaging and printing products;

1) The packaging stage: the original packaging and printing products, due to consumer demand is fuzzy, the "primary demand", main function is to transport and storage, transportation, for goods such as: box, basket, basket, product introduction

2) Small package looming: still large packaging products mainly, but there is a small package to convey landscaping effect, the purpose is that businesses require differentiated goods

3) Small package stage: the advertising marketing and brand publicity effect of packaging and printing products are becoming increasingly prominent

4) Humanization stage: at the present stage, people need to comply with the modern aesthetic trend and pursue the aesthetic appeal in addition to the practical requirements. The pursuit of product packaging design increasingly perfect function and the pursuit of visual beauty gradually become the first choice of modern packaging design. Emphasizing with human nature, people-oriented, including traditional design of the ergonomics, with the physiological and physical scale, the sensory comfort, but also mental needs, and emphasizing common product design. Customer's consumption demand is diversified and personalized, and green environmental protection consciousness has been rooted in the hearts of the people. Customized production and green packaging are inevitable ways to increase customer stickiness. Packaging and printing products are entering the growth phase.

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