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Green Tag in China

As the state's concern for green packaging, future, all packaging supplies and food-related, environmental protection will become an important consideration. How to reduces label usage in the premise to upgrade labels functional, and research and development of new eco-label will be an important measure of label manufacturers R & D capabilities.


Currently, green, energy saving, environmental protection, mainly are as following.

1. Application of new eco-friendly materials

In recent years, thermal paper labels are quickly to market. Because of its high printing efficiency,

saving time generate orders, compared to traditional courier waybill save more than 50% of the raw material, the intermediate layer can be used for brand promotion and many significant advantages. The past two years significantly replace the original courier waybill, become the best use environment-friendly label printing products on the market today.

On the other hand, change the label adhesive can also play a function of environmental protection. Such as one removable adhesive labels appearing on the market, easy to use and non-toxic, can paste it multiple times, without leaving residue, compared with ordinary labels safer, more convenient, and environmental protection. However, such glue viscosity and adhesion will be severely affected after exposure to dust or oil, currently used only in terms of office supplies. Such as the paper notes, and because the removable adhesive label performance can not meet the state requirements for food labeling, use a smaller range. However, with domestic enterprises to further development of such labeled products, we believe that in the near future, such a label products can also give the community to create a certain value.


2. Adoption of the design aspects of innovation, reducing the amount of label

That is the label in meeting the food information conveyed by functional condition, minimize the total amount of material used in the design, oppose excessive packaging.


3. The new technology research and development

Starting from the label itself, technological innovation on the label, enhance performance label using a label can be reduced in a wide range. Change the label of its production process at the same time, also substantially reduced the use of the label area, and acts as a sealing tape. Eliminating the need for sealing tape material, to achieve security, environmental protection and energy security effect.


4. Product standardization

In the food during transport, in order to protect the safety of food, often a product needs four or five labels, resulting in a great waste; at the same time, due to the size and dimensions of the labels of food packaging do not correspond, causing part of the label "overkill", but also caused a waste material. This excessive packaging problems emerge, therefore, the past two years in support of national policy, standardization of product packaging market is gradually incorporated into the control system.


5. The cost tag circulation control

Label from the factory to the end-use through a road link, it will have a greater cost of waste. The current large domestic courier company tag purchasing.

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