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The China Printing Company with the Printing Skill
In November 2012, Photo Printing Co., Ltd. in Japan exclusively developed a "hyaluronic acid patch mask using exclusive technology will be high security hydraulic hyaluronic acid made a sharp cone-shaped, directly affixed to the skin so that the skin can fully absorb water to create water Run Q sense.
Height of about 150 times micron sharp cone-shaped hyaluronic acid
This latest co-developed by the Japanese photo printing brush strains with Kyoto Pharmaceutical University hyaluronic acid patch will be filled with the sharp cone-shaped hyaluronic acid printing patch to solve the inconvenience thick essence open overflow and to avoid waste of residual essence.
User to easily patch affixed to the skin for about 10 minutes after a sharp cone-like hyaluronic acid because the body temperature gradually melt slowly penetrate into the inner skin, improve skin absorption effect.
The product is expected as early as next year will begin commercialization in Japan's major drug store sales.
Packaging china printing company to enter the biotechnology
Guangdong Brilliant Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Brilliant biological), the predecessor of a traditional packaging printing enterprises and research base of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, recently signed a cooperation agreement with the research strength of Hong Kong's well-known colleges and universities to enhance their market
competitiveness, and to achieve the goals of the provincial-level high-tech enterprise ranks among the the Dongguan ordinary private enterprise to such as catalog printing, magazine printing,book printing etc.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Brilliant biological, the Borui biological research base of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University cooperation, including Hong Kong and Guangdong Collaborative Innovation Center, of schools and enterprises to build biotechnology research demonstration project base, post-doctoral research station, students practice base
biotechnology business incubator park research cooperation platform, promoting innovation in biotechnology.
Brilliant biological, general manager of Ye Xiangyang said the move aims to promote the transformation of the industry, the company towards the development of high-tech enterprises.
In fact biological Borui not only carries the dream of the older generation of entrepreneurs in Dongguan, a new generation of business managers a new and broader stage.
Fujifilm focus on investment in cosmetics
Fujifilm Group began as early as 2006 in the Japanese mainland in skin care products business, its skin care products the brand ASTALIFT Ashley Ti formally introduced to the Chinese market in 2011, China has become the first stop of the Fujifilm explore overseas cosmetics market.
The Fujifilm's skincare brand ASTALIFT Ai poem twips
Fujifilm to enter the cosmetics market is well thought out. The important substance collagen skin care products, was Fuji Photo Film Co., the original production of an essential component in the film process, Fujifilm has technical advantages of collagen.
Fujifilm global leader in nanotechnology, the use of skin care products.
Beginning in 2006, the Fujifilm original state-of-the-art core technology, synthetic organic chemistry, advanced print materials and life sciences research institutes integration Fujifilm Advanced Institute of this cross-industry as an innovative technology platform base . Cosmetics that is the product of this platform. Process the images, Fujifilm accumulation of collagen research, anti-oxidation technology, the ingredients can be stable transportation to specified parts of the original nanotechnology, the application of these technologies to the field of development of skin care products and health care products,
new cosmetics and health food products.
Become the printing industry in the past two years the tide word "transformation", most of the people in the industry talking about the transformation of the basic equipment upgrades for digital printing, publication of printed the transformation packaging printing, traditional printing, network printing in transition, are focusing on the "Printing business development.

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