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Printing in China Consist by?

Printings cost consist by several factors

Usually China Printing price points before printing, printing and postpress expenses.
Prepress costs: type, design, production, scanning, film, vegetable parchment, inkjet proofing proofing, laser, electric, electric points proofing, draft, proofread, freight are before printing costs.All of these specific cost accounting, need according to the local market, unable to determine the unified standard, the key is not to calculate and less calculate leakage.
Printing costs: presses the actual printing costs.Printing fee includes boot fee, PS version, printing industry and paper.Due to the use of the printer has 8 k, 4 k, split, sheet and various specifications.The cost of MTK, JinKouJi size is also different.Then there is monochrome, two-color machine, four-color machine, etc, the difference between the costs of these specific calculation also have very big difference.According to different size and printing quality manuscripts, to find suitable printing company, high efficiency.And the specific printing price consult printing supplier maintain business relations.

Post-press processing fee: hot stamping, concave and convex, embossing, plastic, wire, binding, pasting, cutting, packaging, freight for post-press processing fees., such as hot stamping, concave and convex, embossing and line pressing need moulding and knife version, this is according to different size and complexity, the range will charge the version fee., laminating, paperhanging, binding, in addition to using machines are often used manual sorting, pasting, etc., so each print as long as it contains these process will produce the corresponding costs.All over again, because of mechanical equipment, production process, the difference of labor costs, the price also have difference.

The printing quantity affect price a lot

The printing in China unit price and total price, while the number of printing in the range of 0-3000, the unit price lower trend is very obvious, reaching more than 5000 points, add printing quantity, unit price lower than 1000 2000 interval.And the total price is always increases with the increase in the number of printing, but increased the minimum range from 0-3000.Of course, you can not consider these factors, and fully formulated by using the required number of final printing quantity.

The printing quantity minimum order quantity

In general, our book printing China, catalog printing China , paper bag China minimum 3000 print runs, the less number of printing, will lead to the higher cost per unit, for you, the less economical.Because, in the process of the whole design printing, some costs are fixed, will not be reduced because of reduction in the number of printing, for example, the design cost, films, proofing, plate-making fee, etc.Print a copy and 10000, these costs will not have any change.Therefore, the greater the printing quantity, the lower the unit cost.

Why have so big price difference between different printing suppliers

1, material qualitative decision quality
A., paper brand and grade of paper, paper is different form the basis for offer different choice;
B., printing ink (domestic and imported, the brand, the quality of the decision whether bright color images;Ink quality, smelled of affirmation is not good.
C., printers, print is always escapes this machine, the machine of old and new ring shadow printing quality directly.Some customers say why certain house price cheap printing, a look, oh!The 90 machine!
D., machine operation personnel's professional quality.
E., the quality of the product before inspection
F, the service level of the service and the standardization process is perfect!Link of quality control the thinner, the qualification rate of product is high, the corresponding printing enterprise operating costs increase

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