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Paper bag-we make your products more elegent!

As a china paper bag printing factory for more than 30years experience, we have whole sets high quality sets for paper bag to make sure your paper bag quality.

You may feel worried of your paper bag if choose chinese paper bag manufacturer. But here you can order safely without any worries. If you give us order, we will put our heart for every order even small or large. What we want is long term business with every client, that is why we can keep live for more than 30years, quality is our life which always keep in every China Seven Color Printing Group members mind.


Paper bag China printing machine, paper bag printing oil, paper bag printing color, paper bag material, paper bag glue, paper bag surface finish such as UV-hot stamping, emboss logo, silver-stamping, gold-stamping, gloss or matt lamination, paper bag handle, paper bag handle,paper bag top or bottom board which consist your paper bag order steps. It seems a easy job, but every step need do quality control well or will happen small or large quality problems. In china there are many chinese printing factory, most small factory quote you very cheap price, but may happen use poor paper, big color difference, bad glue quality easily break, etc. Our aim is to let you get high quality printings, never do poor quality printings, so price can not compare just by price or website looking. Only see true products or samples in your hand,then know a factory good or not.


Once production finished, next important part is turn around time and shipment. Paper bag also a fast consum products, turn around time and choose a fast and stable delivery way are also very important to make sure you can get your paper bag in time. Afterall order in China is far than order in local place. Our turnaround time always correct quoted in pricelist, will not delay your time. And we also have stable ship agent who offer very stable and good sea shipping service to make sure your time. Usually our time will no too much difference after you give us order. Afterall we donot want to give wrong time intructions which will cause your in time problem. But some factory may not, I met many clients, first time they choose other factory who promised give them order in very short time, but finally the small factory break time promise and delay very very long term, and reorder with us again to make sure their time. Which will let client lose more. If you choose my factory, this part you can be 100% rest assure, if our sales tell you how many days, we will let you get it in time. Even we overwork will keep our words.

Aftersales is also very important step, in my factory if is our efforts cause quality problem, we will promise redo it freely. Or refund your money. Many factory not honestly and sincere, they even lose a client will not take any steps. This part our boss do it very well, even lose money of your order, but if it is our factory mistakes, we will take it. Because do business can not lose honesty and credit for every client. What we want is long term business.


For china paper bag printing business, you can give us a try or trust first time, I believe you will get what you want here. If you have any inquiries pls feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] , our warmly sales team will reply you at fastest time,thanks.


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