Intaglio printing standard formal implementation on December 1th 2014
10-27-2014 17:54:58

State environmental protection department released a statement, the official release of standard Numbers for HJ2539-2014 "environment mark product technical requirements for book printing the third part: intaglio printing", and in December 1, 2014 formally implemented."" lithography" and this is the standard for commercial paper catalogue printing, the printing industry in our country the third green printing standards officially issued and implemented, means the gravure printing enterprise is about to open the green printing journey.
For more than 20 years of reform and opening-up, with the continuous development of market economy, especially in food, beverage, tobacco, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, washing supplies as well as the swift and violent development of the apparel industry, more and more demand for gravure printing, under the trend of quality requirements more and more high, intaglio printing in China printing from scratch, since the childhood has been developing rapidly.According to incomplete statistics, at present our country enterprise total more than 7000 gravure and related industry.In food packaging printing flexible packaging gravure there are more than 5000 enterprises, output value of 250 billion yuan.

At present, China's economy has entered a low carbon era, the public environmental awareness is gradually enhanced.Gravure catalog printing is a kind of effect is very good, with its rich, clear hierarchy, ink layer thick, uniform ink, high saturation, bright color and bright characteristics, widely used in packaging and printing field is closely related to ordinary life.But, the disadvantages and advantages of gravure printing as prominent, its impact on the environment has suffered from social criticism.The intaglio printing standard come on stage, to guide our country gravure industry transformation in the direction of the energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection development has the vital significance.

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