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Packaging and printing industry in China
Zhuhai Zhongfu mid-year report released yesterday notice expects first half net loss of about 6000-8000 million shares also fell 3.10 percent followed. However, the observation that, although the results for the first half of Zhuhai Zhongfu red, but it does not change the packaging and printing industry SWS interim results this year further to the good trend.


Wind data show that as of yesterday's close, Shen Wan packaging and chinese printing industry, 21 companies, 16 have been issued, reported that only large southeast, Zhuhai Zhongfu decline or loss, etc. 4. Among them, the first half net profit expected by lower than 50% of the MYS, Shanghai green new, pre-growth lower than 20% and ORG, Hop Hing Packaging. Currently only 12 pre-hi terms of the number already accounts for nearly 60% of all companies.


In the first quarter, net profit increase is positive, packaging and printing company but also for 12, and is currently reporting the same number of pre-hi. Ye Changqing Northeast Securities analyst said that if companies take into account the situation is not made announcements can be expected in the first quarter is better, based on the packaging and printing industry in reporting the results further is a high probability event.


Ye Changqing analysis, this year, due to lower food and beverage, consumer electronics, home appliances and pharmaceutical market demand is stable and even further to the good influence, as well as the rapid development of e-commerce market, packaging and printing industry, especially packing piece, a quarter good performance. And since the second quarter, the continuation of the market situation, in which beverage, consumer electronics packaging box, pharmaceutical and e-commerce market demand continues in the right direction, will make the packaging and printing industry Interim synchronization benefit.


Ye Changqing that the metal used in beverage cans, aseptic noteworthy. For example in the liquid milk market, according to a 10% annual rate of increase, in 2015 consumption of liquid dairy products will reach 30 million tons, of which 20% calculated using aseptic paper packaging, in 2015 14.8 billion needed annually since. In addition,corrugated packaging box widely used in electronic products, toys, household appliances, food and beverage, medical packaging, the rapid rise of e-commerce market is also greatly stimulated the demand for micro-corrugated.


It should be noted that the aforementioned mid-year report forecasted good MYS, Hop Hing Packaging is the leading corrugated packaging products, ORG metal beverage cans in an obvious advantage. While related businesses, and a good quarter Jielong mid-year report has not been published notice.


In addition, tobacco, and other related packaging paper box china Ye Changqing said that the same results can be expected, the associated Shaanxi gold leaf, shun shares, Dongfeng shares have not yet release reported that notice their first quarter results were higher than the 20 percent growth rate, such as Vanson nearly 78% of the shares. So now, the packaging and printing industry in reporting the results is expected to achieve positive growth over 70%.

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