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China Printing Technology Exhibition in Beijing

China Printing Service Technology Exhibition in Beijing has been in the industry as the world's second largest printing exhibition, the Chinese printing market increasing in importance following Germany Drupa highlights. The show became the show domestic printing industry


    Important benchmark for future development trend. The eighth exhibition held soon, the global printing machinery manufacturers are already gearing up, ready to go. Much concern to the industry world-class printing machinery manufacturers in this exhibition will be what will be the excellent performance? How groundbreaking equipment and technology will bring? The entire Chinese printing company are predicting much-anticipated.


    Recently, the pre-show press conference held by the author from the German KBA informed that, as with 200 years of history, the global printing machinery manufacturing giant, one of Germany KBA in this session ChinaPrint2013 not only bring new large-format offset printing equipment exhibits will reinforce digital and environmental elements. On the future development of the industry trend, Germany KBA single sales and marketing general manager Wang Lian Biao, the future of the industry will be characterized by the three - unit mode the future, though there are many fine, digital and environmental protection is still the mainstream direction, The packaging industry undergoing structural and regional metastasis adjusted.


    Trend: unit mode but fine


    Switzerland, a tobacco company recently installed a KBA manufactured about 35 meters long, 19 unit sheetfed offset press, the device contains three glazing units, four drying device 10 printing units, 2 inert UV curing technology unit, and even online cold foil finishing ability.


    It comes to the application, KBA CEO of Greater China said Cen cold, pure customization of products based on customer type device. The previous 3,4 different process equipment can be made out of products, through a variety of techniques that combines multi-unit sheetfed offset press platform approach, can achieve a one-time production is completed in a single device. And such a machine delivery time is longer, According to reports, this solution light early understanding of customer needs in the process to take several months. The Cen cold revealed that subsection 19 units offset press is actually two delivery, the first first delivery of 17 units, installation of production again after an additional two units.


    Unit 19 presses not every supplier can do, nor is each printing companies have to meet the 19 unit throughput, has a multi-unit press is the symbol of strength of the printing business, but also equipment manufacturers capacity performance, however this does not mean that the market must. Cen cold, the printing press unit number of multi-widowed and can not be completely equate with an area of ??industry technical standards, this is just a customer demand for products manifestation. Different processes separate multiple devices, multi-unit equipment in production efficiency and registration accuracy of color reproduction has better performance, multi-unit with a variety of functions, however, is good to choose the most, according to business needs suitable equipment is the key.


    According to Wang Lian Biao, as a leader in the field of large-format offset press, KBA the exhibition due to the exhibition area, installed time limit, in addition to the Rapida 105 off equipment will be on display will be the first time to China highlight its latest KBA Rapida 145 large-format offset press, KBA largest number of units in the domestic customers 6 +6 equipment of a total of 12 units, 8 colors plus light of 9 the application of the unit in the country is also increasing.


    In addition, single-function devices for customers broader applicability and flexibility are also important. Thin Paper can be printed, such a device is more suitable for future business needs, both can do commercial printing, packaging business can do. If only only printed tissue paper or can only be printed on thick paper, for customers to worry about things. But also on the basis of a wide range of printability configuration based on business priorities focused.


    Trends: Digital and environmental protection is still the mainstream direction


    People in the past when it comes to digital printing, perhaps the inherent thinking mind thought it was a small device or a slightly larger device, and now with the intervention of the traditional printing press manufacturer, with the deepening of the digital printing applications and R & D, this situation is also changed. Digital printing have begun to penetrate toward the publishing industry, packaging industry and other fields.


    Manufacturing experience with long-term offset presses KBA at Drupa last year on the launch of a web digital presses, this digital presses since the introduction of the Drupa, held in Switzerland in February, following Henry Innovation Day innovation, through continuous improvement in the quality of printing has been considerable progress. The subsequent channel processing general digital presses after different specialized equipment. Of course, are produced on demand, but because of its high-speed characteristics of copies in print nor general printing company can meet a production line may have tens of thousands of live parts, but not a single number for each live large. The small printing does not apply, considering the purchase of a large publishing house printing plant.


    Digitization of traditional printing, Cen cold, this exhibition KBA will launch a completely open process system, the process will be the device as the core, modular design, the front-end CTP Computer-to-plate equipment all connected to India equipment, or even the internal management of the ERP system. Most importantly, the system presses on all brands are open interface.


    However, Wang Lian Biao, an important factor to a print shop that personalized china catalog printing and digital printing to distinguish, for large-scale digital printing equipment investment threshold is too high a limit digital presses territorial expansion, hundreds of millions The dollar threshold is not every company can step over.


    Remove the digital solutions, green ideas will continue to be an important theme of the exhibition. According to reports, Lee KBA starting the show will be up to 145 sheetfed offset press will be equipped with the latest environmental solutions for enterprises to reduce energy consumption by nearly 50%. In addition, the exhibition shows the Rapida 105 equipment buyers in the device after installation Cots replaced, for environmentally friendly waterless printing.


    Three trends: the packaging industry will undergo structural and regional transfer adjustment


    After the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008, China's packaging export market also has been some impact, However, with the introduction of strong government measures, domestic demand gradually pulling increasing domestic demand packaged goods. Wang Lian Biao to interpret it as this is the conversion of the industrial area in the products structural changes. The original printing and packaging industry is more developed Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta development leveled off or land purchase needs to move inland. "We found work in the actual market demand for packaging and printing and production levels in inland areas gradually improve packaging quality printing presses are equipped with the specifications are higher than before." Wang Lian Biao, for example, four or five years ago in the Northwest the purchase of a large region 4 +1 UV large presses is difficult to imagine However, 5 +1, 6 +1 or 7 +1 and other large presses installed in these areas was more and more.


    As domestic demand changes in the environment, the packaging market has great potential, however, specific to which direction, is still unknown. Wang Lian Biao explained, packaging there are many, wine bags, cigarette, food packaging, different products packaging material and shape has a significant difference. Since the state policy of continuous introduction of excessive packaging, a lot of excessive packaging of goods has been limited, in turn, to see the packaging of low commodity demand is rising. Wang Lian Biao, from the overall demands of the packaging industry is still growing, but the shift between the different commodities.


    In addition, the As the paper bag manufacturers concerned about the volume of orders and effective at the same time, the industry is showing a trend of companies increasingly focus on social responsibility. Cen cold, said: "The printing industry is an old industry, our industry is full of feelings we are doing a lot of work, I hope you understand the importance of the printing industry for everyone, The same is true in the future."

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