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2013 Green Chinese printing and packaging industry

6 • 5 is World Environment Day, low-carbon, green, environmentally related topics into view, countries have also introduced energy conservation policies and measures, these actions are favorable to promote and reminders green printing china and packaging industry.

    Low-carbon printing in china

     The State Council issued on May 4, "an important starting point for further intensify its efforts to ensure the realization of the" Eleventh Five-Year "emission reduction targets of the notice", the energy saving as the adjustment of economic structure, transform the mode. Departments and agencies of the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the SASAC, the Ministry of Industry, the People's Bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Securities Regulatory Commission, from the central enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises emission reduction pilot resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises, financial support all aspects of the development of circular economy, issued a series of policies and measures for energy conservation. Carbon emissions is becoming industrial industry policy to guide the direction of the Chinese printing service like book printing,catalog printing, of course, also the list of energy-saving and emission reduction.

     With the development of the trend of environmental protection, green print china is bound to be the primary goal of the entire printing industry and the development of related industries. Green printing is a systematic project involving printing machinery, equipment and raw materials, the production environment and the technical process of printing companies china, national environmental policy, employees, especially operators of green awareness, customers and the end consumer acceptance and many other aspects. Which a part of the development of "short board" will affect the entire industry, the process of green.

As early as 1990, the United States by the federal Clean Air Amendment Act (FCAAA), sound environmental protection order and measures the green printing has been widely accepted. The other hand, domestic, green printing is gradually industry concern. In 2002, the National People's Congress of China Environmental Resources Committee Qu in a media interview that environmental laws will specify the printing industry for green printing legislation is necessary, at the appropriate time. How to implement green printing, historical responsibility, has become the face of China's printing industry is an inevitable demand of the consumers, but also the development of the printing industry worldwide trend.

    Green packaging

    The green packaging, also known as the Friends of the pollution-free packaging and environment packaging, sound ecological environment and human health can be reused and regeneration, in line with the sustainable development of the packaging. Its philosophy has two meanings: one is to protect the environment, the other is the conservation of resources, both complementary and inseparable.

    "Green" is a natural feature of the Earth, is an important symbol of environmental protection and ecological balance, but also the basic elements of the human and animal kingdom to survive. Now, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, all walks of life are stepping up research and development of green products. "Green packaging" today and tomorrow the whole packaging industry of the 21st century should strive for the goal.

     Between man and nature should be coordinated development. If a man unworthy of the natural, of human nature will retaliate. Today, the deteriorating environment threaten the safety of human survival, has led to a variety of diseases, strange diseases in the world, and at the same time, the health of livestock is threatened. In recent years, several incidents of pasture cattle, sheep and the city zoo some the animals eating discarded the thin plastic bags lethal event, which can not but thought-provoking. Our predecessors left us a good living environment and abundant material base, our generation can leave for future generations? Therefore, the packaging industry should pay attention to strengthening a variety of packaging waste recycling, it turning waste into treasure, harm into; well as focus on speeding up the research and development of new green packaging products, which is both contemporary self-survival and historical responsibility, but also for our future generations to build better living environment, laying the foundation.

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