Printing steps for catalogue printing
11-22-2021 17:58:40

We often see many exquisite magazines and catalogs around us, attracted by its novel design style and clear patterns, so do you know what steps are required to print catalogs? Next, the Chinese printer will give you a detailed introduction.

The basic process of propaganda catalogue printing:

The printing steps are basically the same, design document-proofing-plate making-printing.


Step 1: The electronic version of the design plan

The design pictures and text are provided by the customer, and the screen resolution of the photo is recommended to be above 300DPI to ensure the picture quality of the photo;

Step 2: Proofing

The proofing board is made by digital machines, mainly to proofread the text and typesetting order, the colors are not as good as mass printing machines, and the proofreading content is the main thing;

Step 3: Plate making

Plate making is to arrange the plates before printing and confirm that there is no problem, and then produce 4 PS plates corresponding to the 4 colors of red, yellow, blue and black.

Step 4: Printing

Printing is to use a good four-color plate to be loaded on a printing machine for mass printing, that is, the final semi-finished printed product. After printing, the semi-finished product can be used for post-work; such as the cover or inner page process; Film, bronzing, laser convex, UV and other processes, and finally binding into a book and cutting finished products packaged and transported.


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