Differences between digital & traditional printing
10-07-2021 10:33:55

The digital quick printing system is mainly composed of a pre-press system and a digital printing machine. Some systems are also equipped with binding and cutting equipment. Its working principle is: the operator outputs the original manuscript (graphic digital information), or digital information of digital media, or network digital files received from the network system to the computer, and then creative, modify and arrange on the computer to satisfy the customer. After RIP processing, the digitized signal becomes the corresponding monochromatic pixel digital signal, which is transmitted to the laser controller, and the corresponding laser beam is emitted to scan the printing cylinder. The printing cylinder (without printing plate) made of photosensitive material is sensitized to form graphics and text that can absorb ink or toner, and then transfer it to a substrate such as paper.

Traditional printing is more complicated than digital printing process. Traditional printing process: manuscripts are produced by computer, output color separation film, proofing, imposition, PS printing, printing, and four-color printing. There are many processes before and after, if there are problems such as loss of dots or inaccurate color registration during these processes, it will cause partial or complete rework. However, the digital printing process only requires two processes: manuscript computer production and printing. It is easy to operate, integrated from design to printing, no film and printing plate are needed, no ink and water balance problem, one person can complete the entire printing.

Offset printing needs to go through the four-color film-proofing-printing-printing-hanging plate-washing blanket-homing adjustment-ink balance-printing and other processes to complete the printing of the printed matter, which is suitable Printing of medium and long version of live parts. Although the advancement of printing technology has made the application of CTP and the automation of printing presses continue to increase, it is necessary to personalize or print content (name, address, pictures, etc.) for prints below 100 copies, immediate desirability, on-demand printing and content (name, address, pictures, etc.) Variable data printing prints still cannot meet customer requirements or are costly and uneconomical.

Digital printing is the crystallization of the development of digital technology. It is a supplement to the traditional offset printing process, which has many processes, long cycles, and insufficient quantity restrictions. It can directly output using electronic files without printing film and printing proofs. It can be printed one by one to achieve personalization. It supports variable data printing and is economical and fast. It is especially suitable for printing with small print volume, many varieties, tight time requirements, personalized, variable data prints.

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