What are UV ink and EB ink?
09-23-2021 10:31:37

UV inks are inks that are cured by ultraviolet light. EB inks are inks that are cured by electron beam energy. They are all inks that are cured by radiation. Therefore, UV and EB inks are also called radiation curing ink printing. At present, the application of this kind of ink in inkjet printing is becoming more and more extensive. When the UV ink jets ink, the ink droplets are instantly dried on the surface of the substrate by the irradiation of ultraviolet light, resulting in an ink film produced by polymer high-density cross-linking. The biggest feature of UV ink in digital printing is its good stability. The advantage of curing only under UV light can effectively avoid clogging of the print head and prolong the actual service life of the print head.

At the same time, it has the advantages of wide range of printing materials, consistent colors, environmental protection requirements, low odor, high product quality, and both abrasion resistance and scratch resistance after curing. However, the disadvantage is that printing with UV/EB ink will result in a reduction in printing speed, such as the limitation of ink supply links and the speed of a large amount of ink passing through the print head. At present, Xennia’s new Xenjet Vivide series of CMYK pigment UV curable inks have passed Xaar’s certification, and this new ink is used on Omnidot 760 print heads.

UV inkjet inks are mainly composed of pigments, prepolymers, photoinitiators, diluting monomers and other additives. They are currently divided into water-based UV inkjet inks, hot melt UV inkjet inks, and low viscosity. The current raw materials and curing equipment of UV inks are relatively expensive, and are highly irritating. The adhesion, outdoor durability, and compatibility need to be improved.

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