Why need to pay attention to catalog printing?
09-15-2021 11:00:15

The function of catalogue printing is to promote the company's products and culture. General company catalogues have detailed company introductions, information, public products, concepts, culture, etc., so that customers can understand the company culture in detail and comprehensively at the first time. The role of publicity mainly depends on the efficiency of distribution. High distribution efficiency, able to capture target customers and potential customers, naturally has a good publicity effect.

However, in this way, the disadvantages of the company directory will be highlighted.

First of all, from the perspective of printing: the printing cost of the company catalog is relatively high, and the printing color has errors (the actual printed color is not as bright as the computer display). If weather conditions, logistics, etc. are added, the printing production time is long.

Secondly, from the distribution list: the arrival rate of the distributed customers is unknown. Maybe after you send it to the customer, he turns around and throws it away, showing no effect.

Thirdly, if you want to update the product information on the catalogue, all printing must be restarted, and all costs will be incurred again.

However, the catalogue printing has existed in the market for so many years after all, and its market position cannot replace the company. Colleagues, with the prevalence of smart phones, more and more people prefer to lower their heads to play with their phones instead of looking down at the catalog. In this way, if the company's catalogue can be seen when customers look down on their mobile phones, the company's promotion will achieve its true purpose.

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