How to prevent stains during the sticker printing?
09-03-2021 17:08:39

1. Self-adhesive is easy to stain on the back when printing on the whole page. This is due to the poor ink absorption of coated paper on the surface of the self-adhesive label. When sticking printing, try to use the original ink instead of 6# mixing oil, and add some appropriately. Adhesive, anti-sticking agent; do not add dry oil when the weather is hot, the back of the printed page is often easy to get dirty on the back, and dusting is often used to solve it, although the printing anti-sticking dust spray contains pure vegetable materials, dispersibility and The fluidity is good, but the use of powder spray will directly affect the surface gloss of the printed product, make the ink color not bright, and pollute the environment, and also affect the accuracy of the offset press.

2. Pay attention to the balance of offset printing water and ink, and control the water size of the printing plate. Use the minimum amount of water on the printing plate without dirtying the printing plate. The sticker is smooth and smooth. When printing on the solid surface, you must print dark colors first, and the amount of ink printed is sufficient, and the back is not sticky, and then Overprint the background color thinly, so that the printed product will have a better finish.

3. To overcome the disadvantages of large water and large ink in offset printing, the ink can not be adjusted too thin, too thin, and the back is easy to stain. If it is too thin, some new ink can be added to enhance the ink viscosity.

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