The benefits of embossing in book printing
07-22-2021 11:37:09

Embossing is a commonly used process in book printing. It uses a concave-convex mold and a pressure printing process determined by a press to make the printed book surface according to the pattern corresponding to the mold. It is a surface-processing printing process.

Embossing is a common printing process, which can make ordinary substrates uncommon, and realize the artistic processing of the surface of the printed matter. Embossing common printing types in daily life include book mounting, envelopes, covers, desk calendars, high-end packaging, handbags and so on. In fact, embossing is very similar to the embossing process we talked about before, and it can even be said to be the same technology, except that embossing is the part of embossing process that does not use ink, so embossing technology can also be applied to life. Embossing on napkins and toilet paper is common in the world.

What is the embossing in the printing process? Embossing is the use of metal rollers with engraved lines to leave a partial or full-page pattern with lines after pressing on the surface of the substrate. The main function of embossing is to achieve the texture effect that the substrate does not originally have, and it can make the printed matter have better decoration and style. Embossing is mainly realized by embossing machine, which is a special equipment for exquisite processing of paper surface. It has anti-wrinkle rolling mechanism and electromagnetic clutch protection device. The embossing machine has the characteristics of low cost, economical benefits, durability, simple operation and high accuracy.

What are the benefits of adding embossing technology to printing?

Embossing can make the plane pattern three-dimensional, increase the appeal of the portable paper bag, and can also be used to emboss the entire paper, so that the entire portable paper bag has a completely different texture and three-dimensional feeling from other papers. We have a paper bag. Customers need to customize and find a special paper pattern for their new product, mainly because the texture of the special paper is very close to their product, but the output and cost of the special paper they need exceeds them. At that time, they were advised to emboss the whole page with coated paper. They can provide embossed patterns, which solves their doubts about cost and use.

In fact, embossing technology is not only used in the process of making portable paper bags, but also widely used in other processes. In the printing of portable paper bags, the packaging of garment paper bags and gift paper bags is usually embossed.

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