Improve the corrugated paper box printing quality
07-16-2021 17:31:31

How to improve the quality and technology of corrugated paper box printing, at present, packaging box printing is booming, customers' requirements for product quality are also higher and higher, how to improve the printing quality of corrugated box has become the goal of enterprises. Here are some of the important techniques in the exquisite printing process of cartons.

Flexography printing technique of low-gram paper surface

When using low-gram paper to make corrugated board face paper, there will be corrugated marks on the surface of corrugated board. It is easy to cause the corrugation and the required graphic content can not be printed at the low concave part of the corrugation. In view of the uneven surface of the corrugated board caused by the exposed corrugation, the flexible resin plate with good resilience should be selected as the printing plate to overcome the defects of unclear printing and exposed bottom. In particular, the A-type corrugated board produced with low-g paper will be greatly damaged by printing machine. In addition, the edgewise compression strength of corrugated board will also be greatly damaged after passing through printing roller and embossing roller.

If the surface roughness of corrugated board is too different, it is easy to cause the corrugated board produced by the corrugated board line to warp. Warped paperboard will lead to inaccurate overprint and printing slotting, so the warped paperboard should be flattened before printing. If the uneven corrugated board is printed by force, it is easy to cause the gauge to go, and it will also cause the thickness of the corrugated board to drop.

Troubleshooting of color difference in the same batch of paper box printing

How to improve the quality and technology of corrugated box printing, in one production, the printing process of four-color machine appeared the problem of printing sheet color is accurate, but the whole batch of printing specifications are inconsistent, resulting in the post-processing can not be carried out. The reasons are as follows.


The height of the front gauge is not suitable. In the front gauge positioning, three printed papers are usually stacked together and inserted under the front gauge, so as to have the feeling of front gauge pressing paper when twitching, and the paper can twitch freely. If the front gauge is too high or too low, the paper positioning will be inaccurate, and the specifications of the printed products will be inconsistent. 

The side gauge positioning is not accurate, which includes the height of the side gauge press board and the pulling force of the paper roller. If the height of the press board and the pulling force of the paper roller are not appropriate, the paper can not be pulled in place or over the head, resulting in inaccurate positioning of the paper side gauge. In general, paper box printing with the height of the side gauge press board should be 3 times of the thickness of the printed paper, and the side gauge drawing distance should be 5-8mm.

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