Special paper used in Catalogue printing
06-18-2021 17:23:19

Special paper is a paper with special functions made from different fibers by paper making machine, such as using synthetic fibers, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp alone.

Cooperate with different materials for modification or processing, give paper different functions and uses. Mainly used in: life, building materials, electrical products, industrial and sub-filter, machinery industry, agriculture, information optics, culture and art, biochemical cutting-edge technology, catalogue printing etc.

As long as it is used for special purposes of paper, all collectively referred to as special paper. With the development of technology, the processing of special paper has made great progress: new types of special paper are constantly introduced; The raw material is no longer limited to plant fiber, non-plant fiber is also used in the processing of special paper;

Structurally, in addition to the fiber interwoven layer, can also be processed or increase the number of coating layers; On the effect, can press the design to copy according to need.

There are many kinds of special paper, the design effect is not the same, the common plant parchment, synthetic paper, cellophane, embossed paper and so on. Its production process, product characteristics, printing suitability are also different. Generally speaking, the performance of special paper is better than ordinary paper in one respect, but most of the special paper has the problem of absorption, and the printing quality is difficult to control; Colored special paper in custom catalogue printing, easy to cause product color difference;

In the special paper surface using a variety of post-press processing methods will also produce different styles. In addition, special paper production input is large, the price is higher.

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