Children Board Book Printing---Wonderful Hole Book
06-15-2021 16:46:09

When the baby come into a half years old this age, it has entered a particularly sensitive period of small things, summed up as a "sensitive period of small things".

Mothers will find that the baby of this age is fascinated by the "buckle hole", full of unique love, see the round hole in the book will always buckle, dig, poke for a long time,study, to meet the curiosity of exploration. These holes help the baby train fine hand movements and drive mental development.

Hold book has layers of holes, baby can picked with hand to dig out while reading the story, very interesting.

Different-shaped hole, to meet desire to perceive the world by the little hand's.

First of all, it is not a bad thing that children love to dig holes. In this period, the baby dig, poke can not only promote the development of muscle, fine movements and hand and eye coordination ability, but also arouse the baby's ability to pay attention to details and the desire to explore things.

Therefore, we can not stop the child from paying attention to small things, we should have enough patience to appreciate the child 's actions, under the premise of ensuring safety, to give him a certain freedom, so that the child' s observation ability to be improved.

So what should be done to keep your children out of danger and develop fine hand movements?

The hole board book printing have exquisite design, the baby can use their hands to touch  different shape of holes, can well promote the fine hand movement, hand and eye coordination ability, as well as teach the baby to recognize shape, distinguish orientation.


Hidden-and-seek holes inside the pages, stimulate the baby's endless desire to explore. And the hole edges of each book are so smooth that parents don't have to worry about hurting their baby while picking the hole.

Scientific blank space, to give the baby a real educational art

There are more and more children's books on the market, and the colorful illustrations and dense words are dazzling. Custom board book printing and typesetting, to maintain the right blank is the standard of excellent works, all excellent book layout works, its page layout will certainly not be dense, people breathless, but keep just the right blank, let people feel very comfortable to read.

This design of blank on hold book will not only look beautiful on the page, but also be helpful to the improvement of children's aesthetic quality. Scientific design of the blank, let the pictures in the book have a clearer contrast. Stable composition makes the theme more prominent, enhance the concentration, thus promoting the baby to efficiently absorb knowledge.

Round corner , Safer to read

Hold books are made of thick cardboard cut, the surface over light oil, soybean ink printing, safety without damage, also not afraid of the baby bite!

Book corners cut, do not worry about scratching the baby's hands and eyes, parents can rest assured to read.

For babies under the age of 3, they need the company of parents, explore the hold book, enjoy the parent-child time at home, and have great benefits to the baby's exploration desire and imagination development, which are not given by early education institutions.

The baby 's growth is only once, not only with the company of parents, high-quality children' s books also play a role that cannot be ignored in the critical period of the baby's growth.

Wonderful hole book can bring the baby a safer and richer "hole picking" experience, accompany the baby through the critical period of small hand exploration, and give the child a happy childhood.

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