What is the meaning of post-press processing?
06-10-2021 16:50:05

What is the meaning of post-press processing?

Printing technology is mainly divided into three processes: pre-press, printing and post-press processing. Post-press processing is a general term for the processing techniques used to obtain the desired shape and performance of printed products. Its scope and nature depend on the type of printed matter.

The post-press processing involves the binding, modeling, beautification, packaging and the protection of the whole or surface of printed matter. It has shifted from the traditional technology in the past to the cross different types of printing products that combine the surface shape and mechanical characteristics of printed matter. The post-press processing is either simple or complex for chinese printing.

Such as newspaper, after folding can be processed as a finished product; For advertisements, posters, pictures and other printed leaflets, often as long as the cut can be; For books, periodicals and picture albums and other printed matter must undergo a series of processing, binding, can be read.

In order to beautify the appearance of printed matter, the surface is often embossed, bronzing, glazing, film covering and other decorative processing. In addition, there are paper container processing, flexible packaging sealing, magnetic processing of commercial forms and documents and other functional processing.

Why need to do the post-processing?

Whether the printed matter attracts the reader, besides the content, still depends on the exquisite design of the original manuscript, the vivid layout arrangement, the bright-colored color allocation, the elegance and generosity of decoration processing and so on, must give the printed matter with the inspiration of beauty.

Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of printed matter. Post-press processing technology can be regarded as the packaging technology of printed matter, and the packaging effect also determines the quality and value of printed matter. Post-press processing is an important means to ensure the quality of printing products and realize value-added, especially for packaging and printing products, many of which can greatly improve the quality and increase their special functions through post-press processing technology

In a sense, post-press processing is the key to the success or failure of printed products of Chinese printer. The previous efforts of printed products are often wasted due to the quality problems of post-press processing. For example, fine printed boxes cannot be made into boxes due to die-cutting errors. Book block cutting skew can not be a book. Post-press processing is no longer a simple book can be, but a technical, artistic processing process.

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