7 Popular China Book Printing Process
04-20-2021 18:23:16

Reading is a way of life, it is the relaxation and enjoyment of leisure time. People who know how to live love to read, so the companionship of a book is not only clear and beautiful when reading.

In the Internet age, paper books still have their own unique charm. Therefore, when you book printing in China, adding some innovative book printing designs will not only meet the needs of readers, but also make reading interesting.

A book with beautiful printing technology can make readers love it. If you think that the China book printing process is just as simple as bronzing and laminating, you are out, come and take a look at these perfect China book printing processes. Not only open your eyes, you can also learn printing knowledge.

1. Foil Stamping

In book printing China, the foil stamping makes the whole book look very weighty. Unlike hot stamping, hot stamping is to emboss the golden aluminum foil film onto the paper by heat transfer, while the gold printing is to print the golden ink on the paper as the name implies.

2. Embossing process

The embossing process of China book printing is very common, which is to engrave pictures and texts into metal plates (relief, such as seals) and emboss them on paper. The machine is used to press the metal plate to press out the pictures and texts on the thicker paper into a concave feel. But how to use China's superb book printing and embossing technology to make your hardcover books more artistic? It depends on the designer's mind!

3. UV

UV is often used in the cover design of Chinese book printing. A layer of varnish (with gloss, matte, crystal inlaid, glitter powder, etc.) is wrapped on the cover of the book that needs to be printed, mainly to increase the artistic effect of book printing

4. Embroidery

Embroidery is very classic in Chinese traditional culture, but it is rarely used as a decoration for book covers, but embroidery will make books more tactile and ornamental!

5. Naked back

Naked back is a more popular binding method for China book printing recently, which makes the book look more simple.

6. Tear the waist seal

The girdle book is a text introduction similar to a belt in the middle of the book to match the book recommendation, but the irregular hand torn girdle is unique and unruly summary!

7. Rolling Phnom Penh

The craftsmanship that makes the edge of the book block look golden!

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