Cover General Technology of Book Printing
03-25-2021 17:31:13

1, Lamination

Lamination is a process in which printed matter and plastic film are bonded together after heating and pressing.  In China Book Printing Company, The surface is more smooth and bright after laminated, and improve the gloss and wear resistance of the printing books.

2, embossing

Embossing process is a kind of use of concave and convex die, under certain pressure under the use of the printed matter plastic deformation, so as to print the surface of the art processing process. After embossing, the surface of the printed matter presents different patterns and textures in different depths, with an obvious sense of relief, which enhances the artistic appeal of the printed matter.

3, die cutting

In China Book Printing Company, Die-cutting process is according to the design requirements of the printed matter to produce a special die-cutting knife, and then under the action of pressure will be printed matter or other substrate rolling cut into the required shape or cutting mark forming process.

4, UV vanish

It is a special UV coating precise, uniform coating on the performance of printed matter or local areas, through ultraviolet radiation, at a very fast speed dry bath hardening.

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