Printing color representation in Book Printing
08-14-2020 17:25:17

Ink printing color, there are generally two ways:

(1) Color in Book Printing China, mixed dot and overlapping printing using four-color ink.

(2) Mixed printing ink, modulated spot color, that is, the use of spot color printing, with solid or dot color. The color designation and plate making methods of these two methods are different in printing design.

1. the gray-level monochromatic printing of monochromatic printing, the deepest real bottom is 100; the white is 0, in which different deep and shallow gray calls different dot, that is, using percentage control. In order to be easy to read, anti-white characters are usually used in 50% to 100% deep gray tone, while black characters are used in 50% to 0%, but should also be considered as appropriate according to the difference of monochrome.

2. color printing four-color label color printing is red, yellow, blue, black four-color printing to produce ever-changing colors. It can use color separation plate printing photo color. However, the color of the desired text or figure in the design can be used to refer to the CMYK value of each color. However, some special colors such as gold, bank and fluorescent color can not be composed of four-color ink overprint, must be printed with spot-color printing ink.

Changes in color plates

In order to express a more perfect artistic conception or a more special effect, only the color of some original images can not meet the required requirements. Therefore, the color plate process can be used to change or change the order and quantity of the color plate to meet the special color design requirements.

1 Black-and-white orthography to dichromatic

Use two sets of color plate, use monochromatic printing machine twice to complete, or discoloration printing machine once completed. Dichromatic printing is usually printed in monochrome black, and then in another color as the tone of the color plate combined with printing.

2 color plate replacement in book printing China printing

Color plate replacement printing is in the printing design, a certain color plate to change, resulting in color plate changes. The aim is to pursue special picture effects. In the four versions of color separation, if two or three colors are exchanged and printed, the tone of the whole original layout will be changed, resulting in great changes.

Color positive film to dichroism is in the fourth edition of two of them, only two printing, that is, dichroism printing. A third color, such as blue and yellow, can be produced, and the depth of green depends entirely on the proportion of dots between blue and yellow. A normal tone to produce color pictures, through a certain two color plates to print, to achieve a special color effect.

3 monochrome printing

Monochrome printing refers to the use of one-plate printing, it can be black printing, color printing, spot printing. Spot color printing refers to a special color required in the special modulation design as the base color, which is completed by one edition printing. In monochrome printing of book printing China, color paper can also be used as the background color, the effect of printing is similar to dichromatic printing, but also has a special charm. Special colors include gloss printing and fluorescent printing.

Glossy printing mainly refers to printing gold or silver, to make a spot color version, generally using gold ink or silver ink printing, or with gold powder, silver powder and bright oil, quick drying agent and other blending printing. Usually, it is best to print gold and silver background, this is because gold or silver ink directly printed on the surface of the paper, because the degree of oil absorption will affect the gloss of gold and silver ink.

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