Let’s talk about hardcover book
12-27-2019 17:00:27

Hardcover book is also well known as case bound book, hardback book.  Usually if clients do not have special request then a hardcover book will be done as square spine.  Clients also can choose round spine, but need to mention this request before printing.  Chinaprinting4u has more than 20 years printing experience, our machines here is one whole set advanced machines, can finish your book in high end quality with reasonable price.

How to choose a cover material?

For hardcover book printing usually will have grey board, on the surface of the greyboard you can choose difference material, such as normal art paper, special paper, cloth, leather, and art paper is to be used the most.  If you want to let your book cover look special you can choose cloth material or leather material according to your request, but for this two material the price will be slightly higher.

What is the advance of hardcover book printing china?

Firstly, it looks very elegant.

Secondly, it can be open easy and flat, can be used for longer.

Thirdly, the material choice of cover is more diversified. ( art paper, cloth, leather, cloth+paper combined etc.)

Finishing for the cover of a hardcover book

In order to highlight the focus, some customers will add special processes to some LOGO, such as spot UV, hot foil stamping, debossed and embossed.   The process of choice is also very important, please check more detailas as below:

1.      Cloth cover: normally no printing, do hot foil stamping, or debossed color photos( print with art paper then mounted onto the cover.), can debossed logo, but cannot embossed logo.

2.      Leather cover: can do printing, hot foil stamping, debossed, UV.

3.      Art paper cover: If you want to do the cover with 157gsm art paper mounted 3mm greyboard+ spot UV, then you can not use glossy lamination

Delivery time:

Quantity below 5000copies can be finished in 15 days, if quantity is large or too many cover finishing then need to confirm the delivery time with us.

We are experienced in hardcover book printing, if you want to printing your hardcover book china or want china book printing service, please don’t hesitate to contact us http://www.chinaprinting4u.com.  If you have any more idea about hardcover book printing welcome to discuss with us.

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