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Control quality of digital china printing

Desktop publishing (DTP) from traditional China printing to the resulting the usual CTP and digital printing, printing mission experience a reform course from time to time. Nothing more, no matter how printing mission of reform, we pay attention to nothing more than the transmission and reproduction of graphic information. Therefore, the quality of the reproduction of graphic information to stop the evaluation and selection of effective essentials Suppression of quality testing and manipulation, stop the extreme tension. Well, when the history of printing mission DTP, CTP production network to all digitized, we and how should we stop the quality inspection and manipulation of it? Article will want to stop talking about this topic.
Print production process
The rise in the twentieth century, seventy or eighty years DTP martial arts printing plate-making process to attack a lot of tampering. DTP most beginning ink processing system mainly is a local process of prepress processing; 90 years early, printing mission into the more sophisticated the colorful desktop publishing paragraphs, this temporary period of desktop publishing has gradually opened to become a process. The CTP prepress digital output you really an extension of the essentials. CTP plate costs always fall as well as contact relationship always experienced martial arts, to the mid-90s, CTP system used to enter the practical paragraphs. The quality of digital printing, prepress digital printing, after printing an extension. Definition of digital printing was not yet with the argument. Broadly speaking, the so-called digital printing, data will be stored in the accounting machine ink, drawings digitized essentials in some kind of media to stop record, and then by the media and then transported to the printing on the substrates essentials. At that time, digital book printing china can be divided into two essentials. First, the complete elimination of the plate, the choice of direct imaging of electronic imaging or inkjet martial arts thoroughly Send righteousness digital printing media, such as the launch of HP Indigo and Xeikon digital presses; Second Fold digitized with plate presses, DI (digital direct imaging system) Heidelberg printing presses. The latter can also be broadly grouped integrated in the machine CTP.
Based on digitized metamorphosis can probably the existing printing Wushu essentials divided into the following four mission process.
1.CTF process: DTP → CTF → traditional printing press → prints
2.CTP process: DTP → → traditional printing press → prints CTP (offline accounting machine-to-plate)
3 fold-printing process: DTP → fold word press (machine accounting machine CTP) → prints
4 All words printing process: DTP → digital presses → prints the first CTF process called traditional printing processes behind three called digitization process.
The printing quality manipulate the elements and manipulation tools
The amount of print quality is summarized comprehensive role means of Presswork various surface characteristics. From replication martial arts viewpoint to leave, the print quality should be "honest reproduction of the original scale, whether it is in the traditional printing process or in the process of digitization of printed materials should stop honest the original copy. Prints four manipulate elements: color, well-organized, clear degree of a same-sex.
1 color is the amount of yield and quality of foundation, directly select the pros and cons of the amount of yield and quality. Color manipulation or processing is kept the printing professional staff discussions elucidation.
2. Structured that tone, the picture the color shades cascade identifiable tampering. It is the foundation to stop color accurate copy.
3. Understand the degree to which the level of picture detail clear and include three aspects, understand the extent of the slender coherent picture, picture summarized and clear the extent of the degree of integrated edge and clear picture detail.
The 4. Homosexual i.e. uniformity, which cover the contents of the second aspect. The stability of the parts of the metamorphosis of the one hand, unified batch print the metamorphosis parts that together with the extent of the amount of ink of the the metamorphosis ink zone extraordinary with prints longitudinal and transverse field density with the degree to measure reaction time printing out of the system Pro prints . The other hand, refers to the metamorphosis batch of prints with the degree of density in a part of the unified, it reflects the stability of the printing press.
Print, simply manipulating good four aspects, namely the color of the print, coherent and clear degree, a homosexual can manipulate well, you can get high-quality prints.
One of the essentials of the printing quality manipulation is the signal bars use of old cases, test strips, control bar, foot ladder, collaborative testing equipment and charts, the print quality (inclusive of the amount of print quality and printing quality of the project) to stop scientific quantitative manipulation. Each Ding Jo signal bar to test more categories, such as GATF system in the United States, the Switzerland Brunner system, Germany Fu Gela system, to qualified Lingda system. China more choice Wai GATF and Brunner, Switzerland, signaling, checking bar.
Printing commonly used signal detection tools include strips, test strips, and manipulation of the bar, wedge. Article signal for visual evaluation, the subject than the power of a single, only to express the quality of the printed surface. Such as sun-degree wedge, GATF code signal bars, colorful signal bars. Test strips therefore the density meter detection evaluation based obey mark components, visual distinction and density meter inspection dispersed, and rely on the chart, curve test strips stop value accounting. Manipulation of the bar is a combination of signal bars and visual evaluation of the test strips and test evaluation with the multi obey manipulation tool. Such as the third generation of the Brunner manipulation strips. The wedge foot ladder, with a the arithmetic density or outlets used to the manipulated copy, print quality.
Before it comes to the printing process, the demand in its key manipulation on the use of signal bars and manipulation Records data lay the foundation for the scale of the production. Detection and control of the quality of an extraordinary perverting proofing to the subject invention. In traditional printing processes, the use of traditional proofing, that is perverting the round flatten essentials proofing. In the process of digitizing, digital proofing before gradually replace the traditional proofing, digital files to be printed directly to the proofer to stop output, then to Yumu ink, scale drawings, such as the possibility of the subject. As the digitization process no longer use film, plate, quality evaluation and manipulation of digital proofing this ring depends largely so that it is no longer used. Well, in the case of today's digital network, in the process of digitizing its print quality was the limit of what elements? Stop the detection and control of the quality of the difficulty with the upper hand there?
Essentials detection and manipulation of digital case printing quality
A digitized flow data stream is transferred
Flow to become unlike traditional processes data flow and control in the production of digital production process makes the theory as intuitive, we catch a glimpse of just the input layout elements, perverting the show set equipment deployment embodied colorful layout information and stop output digital proofing proofs and CTP printed version. Job information data essentials exist, any small mistakes or small does not constitute the metamorphosis role of the defeat or output data transfer, will override the manipulation the staff handling talent, it is difficult or foundation Attorney not subject location, these variables become the prepress not work in the manipulation control elements. In order to ensure that the data is accurate and easy one to circulation, we must find a really viable data stream manipulation essentials.
Production of the printing industry, printing live there are two kinds of information flow, that is, the "graphic information flow" and catalog printing china "the production and manipulation of information flow. The stream processing graphic information is the subject of "what to do"; manipulate the flow of information to deal with "how to do", "made what topic. Digitization process, these two types of information are digitized, probably by the accounting machine storage record, processing and transmission. Digitization process data stream manipulation node file preflight, the printout of imposition, RIP, PDF scaling digital output.
Open system color processing
The color reproduction is the picture copy quality is a measure of tension. Color manipulation is in the traditional process establishing in density manipulation as the center of the color characteristics of the theoretical background to define and depict the, perverting a closed closed-loop system to halt the identification and correction of the color. Meticulous handling essentials gray balance, colorful correction, the best printing the density manipulation outlets handling its manipulation.
The digital printing process is an open system, and equipment deployment of the input, processing and output settings, are probably from the metamorphosis manufacturers. Essentials of all the settings and equipment deployment color depiction and expression has its own metamorphosis, unified set of equipment to be deployed with the use of the number of add will attack consumption, the color reflects the force will attack the differences, and then add a color copy of difficulty. But also due to the advent of the Internet and information demand depicting good colorful picture or the colorful picture file is no longer limited to local publishing and printing; often demand in different places the Yumu or copied. Colorful drawing color information not only required the metamorphosis set equipment deployment, for example, accounted for appearing (even if it is the same set equipment deployment, the metamorphosis manufacturers set equipment deployment apparent color of the talent is divergent kind of), but also demand transfer between metamorphosis media.
This begged like a promise of a system, its obedience color can probably all transmission media role foundation with no deviation. Ordinary said "WYSIWYG", this system is called the colorful treatment system. The world color deployment ICC opened a drawing set equipment deployment color reflects the scale - an ICCProfile. Use ICCProfile characteristics file, you can probably stop the same color as the cross-platform, such promise when other accounting machine scene color processing obedience, these files can be freely convert. Color processing is the file to stop perverting characteristics. Color processing system is an application system, comprehensive accounting of machine hardware, the accounting machine software and color measurement set equipment deployment, its goal is to form a situation, all the settings and equipment deployment and material support this color messaging each other legislation rooms stop distortion transmission.
For central new the color manipulation essentials - color processing printing convey aspects of martial arts, craft beginning to enter the new digital production and paragraphs deal with the colors in the print media production basis and a lot of difficulties in the conversion, color space conversion, the new martial arts and set equipment deployment to occur from time to time, such as digital proofing, CTP, digital printing and digital production processes, and stepped toward the goal of "what you see is what you get".
Data transmission and processing.
With the deepening of the degree of digitization in the digitization process, the amount of data was the number of series of add. Although the move to the network, but also still needs to optimize data transmission and processing online. The prepress areas developed scales of the two contact relations: the OPI (OpenPrepressInterface) scale and DCS (Desktop Color Separation) scales. The use of low-discrimination OPI scales allow imposition replace the picture, color separation output by OPI serve interchanged automatically strive for high distinguish the painting, and then eliminated the amount of network file transfer. The DCS-scale expansion of the EPS file format, you can probably handle desktop publishing system separations course conducive to shrink production time, landed on setting up equipment deployment begged. Printing history, data movement in every key. Therefore to ensure that the data file is not in the course of transmission episodes missing, and assurance the metamorphosis platform document clarifies with extreme tension. Otherwise, it is sent to the back-file output due to data loss from his post wrong role. With file manipulation in order to stop printing integrated production, CIP3 scales have been opened to CIP4, its members have also developed a new file format JDF.
4 digital proofing
The proofing is divided into traditional proofing and digital proofing. In the traditional production process, the use of the foundation on traditional proofing, the extraordinary selection round flattened proofing essentials. Of course, digital proofing certainly also within the scope of use, topic but have proofing quality, accuracy.
As was a digital proofing, digital proofing, digital mission process large effective weapons of the land. The digital proofing attack opened with the network martial arts CTP martial arts and the prepress digital and film ", digitizing proofing martial arts, is the tension of the of contemporary printing process digital processes constitute the local and lifted bias. Digital proofing refers to the the colorful desktop publishing system to manufacture the page (print layout) data, perverting the processing of imitation essentials, colorful print settings directly from digital essentials equipment deployment (inkjet, laser, electrostatic, and other essentials) to output both Willful depicted manufacturing published history of quality and not the prosecution, but also for subsequent book printing china by P and scales, but also as a user named proofing printing of proofs based on the martial arts. Ordinary digital proofing system by the colorful inkjet printer or colorful laser printer, and of perverting the colorful printer imitate printing proofing color, replace traditional film output, copy machine, proofing and lengthy process, with the original page (print layout) Data colorful proofs.

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