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How to avoid the color difference of the package?

For product packaging, if the color of the printed matter is very different from the color of the sample, it will be a huge problem. Otherwise, the packaging cannot be used, or it will be used, this will give the enterprise Serious damage, the image of the product will be damaged, will reduce people's expectations of the product, resulting in a reduction in the overall value of the product, so the packaging should be customized to pay attention to the color difference of the product packaging box printing, not at least with the sample color Stay similar.


       Poor packaging customization will cause huge losses to the merchants, and will also cause adverse effects on the packaging manufacturers, lose the trust of customers, and lose the recognition of the industry, resulting in damage to the image of the manufacturers themselves. It is difficult to develop. However, some color errors are within a reasonable range. We call them reasonable errors. There are three main types:


       The first is that there is a deviation between the printed matter and the color of the proofing; that is, we usually say that the packing box printing cannot catch up with the proofing, such as ink problems, paper problems, and dot reduction problems. For such differences, the printer should try to track the sample. If the difference is large, the customer should be notified in time, and the customer will sign the sample in person.


       The second is that there is a certain degree of inconsistency in the color of the inside and outside of the same batch of printed materials; the second difference is also an objective problem, and the printing machinery itself has been difficult to solve. In the printing process, ink inking is a dynamic balancing process. When printing, when the ink on the ink roller is reduced to a certain extent, the printing machine automatically inks to compensate. A certain degree here will directly lead to deviations between the finished products printed on the front of a batch of printed jobs and the finished products printed on the last side.


       The third type is that the color of the product printed in the printed matter deviates from the color of the object itself. The third difference is actually a psychological expectation problem. For example, some customers think that the printed products are not completely consistent with the color of the actual product, which is considered to be detrimental to the company's image and even affect the company's order, and the packaging printing manufacturer believes that the color deviation is acceptable. In this case, it should be said that such deviation is objective and cannot be completely attributed to the responsibility of the manufacturer of the package. This is an objective existence of the manufacturer can only reduce the error to a minimum, but cannot be completely avoided.


       In the process of packing the box, it is impossible to say that the color of the printed product is completely consistent with the proofing. The proofing is only used as a reference standard. The manufacturer of the packaging box should add one below the printed matter: the color in the printed matter is for reference only. The color is subject to the actual object, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes.


       Customized manufacturers of packaging boxes are also very important for the color difference of the products, because this is also the main factor determining the success of a package, so it is necessary to avoid the color difference can be avoided, and it is unavoidable to minimize the error, so as to create A successful product packaging box.

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