Printing blanket preservation method
01-16-2019 11:28:08

Book printing involves a lot of knowledge. A professional printing factory must know how to maintain the equipment. Let us discuss how to save the printed blanket

1) The blanket should be stored in a cool, dry environment, and away from heat sources, avoid direct sunlight, to prevent aging desulfurization. In order to ensure good air circulation, each blanket should be hung on the mast. If the warehouse is narrow, the blanket should be placed flat, and no heavy objects should be placed on it. The blanket should not be rolled into a cylinder when it is best preserved.

2) Open the package of the blanket and remove the protective cover. Carefully check the blanket for damage. It is not advisable to load the new blanket directly onto the machine. Since the blanket is packaged in a roll, it should be laid flat for a period of time so that it can be flattened before it can be used on the machine.

3) If a lot of blankets are stacked, the blankets should be stacked face to face or back to back, otherwise the fiber texture on the back of the blanket will affect the flatness of the surface of the other blanket.

4) Do not squeeze the blanket to avoid breaking the blanket or destroying its elasticity. The blanket is afraid of light and heat and humid air. They will cause stickiness, skinning, cracking, hardening and other defects on the surface of the blanket. .

5) The warehouse where the blanket is stored should be ventilated and dry, the relative humidity is about 70%, and the temperature is about 24 °C. Keep the blanket from contact with acid and alkali, oxidant and petrochemical products to avoid chemical attack on the blanket.

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