How To Choose The Right Picture For Your Catalog

When a company needs to print an excellent catalog, in addition to choosing high-quality catalog printing materials, it also selects eye-catching pictures. Pictures can not only convey information intuitively, but also affect the beauty and expressiveness of the layout.

When companies are preparing to print catalogs, some companies will choose free and commercially available images for catalog printing. Undoubtedly, this is a very cost-saving method for catalog printing. But will you choose and make good use of pictures in your company catalog printing design?

Pictures of the same theme, different designers use different effects in the design. What is a good picture in catalog printing? How to choose the right picture for your catalog printing? The answers to these questions are in this article, let's take a look~

1. Does the picture fit the theme?

Photography is also divided into styles in catalog printing. The setting of the scene and the adjustment of colors will affect the temperament of the photo. Under different themes, choosing elements that match their tonality is one of the most basic principles of design.

For example, in the following two pictures about tea, the picture on the left feels more like a British afternoon tea, and the picture on the right looks more in line with the impression of Chinese traditional tea.

2. Is the content of the image clear?

In catalog printing, the purpose of the pictures is to further explain the copywriting. Therefore, the content of the picture must be clear: the subject is clear, the background is simple, and the angle is appropriate.

The designer should be understood that what catalog concept you want to shows.

A. Is the subject of the picture clear?

This is easy to determine. A picture with a clear theme can understand the theme at first glance is a picture with a clear visual focus and a clear main image. For example, the following two picture examples are black tea and matcha.


B. Whether the picture background is simple?

This detail will affect the design of the post catalog printing. The complex background can easily disrupt the focus and make other elements overwhelming. Take a look at the comparison in the picture below. Is the blurred picture on the right a bit more refined?

C. Is the angle of the picture appropriate?

This detail will affect the visual experience brought by the pictures and the printing catalog, such as showing the perspective of partial close-ups of the product, showing details such as textures and materials. Such pictures can enhance consumers’ sense of trust and make people feel very professional.

3. Is the picture itself exquisite?

Catalog printing is a printing type graphic design. If the selected picture is very vague and has a large watermark, then the final product will have a poor effect and look bad. In addition to considering the resolution of the picture, it also depends on whether the color matching of the picture is harmonious, whether the relationship between light and shadow is natural, and whether the composition is stable and balanced.

After confirming the selected pictures in printing catalog, they may not be directly applicable to the printing design of the catalog. It is also necessary to add filters, backgrounds, or crop, cut out, and deform the pictures to unify the visual style of the pictures.

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