How To Print Board Book In Professional Quality?
03-07-2023 13:47:29

Board book printing is a hot popular project in children's book publishing industry. But how to make a board book in professional quality? Let's discuss this issue.

What paper is generally used for board books?

There are many kinds to choose. According to personal needs, you can choose white cardboard, corrugated paper, color cardboard, cotton paper, packaging paper, electro-optical paper, KT board, etc. Generally, you need to draw a pattern on it, and you can use white cardboard or color cardboard. If you want to make three-dimensional effects, you can use more materials. You can use wool, ribbons, rag heads, etc.

Binding of board book?

The pages of board book printing are generally made by the lamination process. And the pages are thick, which is convenient for children to read independently when using.
The existing card book assembly methods include glue binding, thread binding, ring binding, etc. Most of the binding methods are one-time molding. The book page is fixed on the spine, and the book page cannot be disassembled or re-bound into a book after disassembly. Because the book page is thick, a board book often can only display a small amount of content, so the card book utilization rate is not high.

What is the request for the artwork?

*The files need curve transfer to PDF files in CMYK not RGB type, RGB color type easily change color. CMYK will not. 
* The files on every page need to leave 3mm bleeding place, and every pictures DPI needs larger than 300.
*The cover and inside text should separate, one for cover and another for text.

How to choose the quantity?

Because we use big advanced offset machines for printing. So our price will be economic for quantity no less than 500 copies. Price will be more competitive when quantity is more than 1000copies.

How we pack the board books?

Normally we pack the board books according to international package standard. We will put a plastic bag inside for moisture-proof, and every carton less than 15 kg, and will pack with strong pallet outer. We control the packing quality very well to make sure you can receive the board books in good conditions.

How we ship the board books to you?

Both air and sea are okay, some countries can be sent via railway. If the board books are sent via air, we will pack the books with double boxes. For large quantities, we suggest sea shipping as it is more economical. If you want to receive some copies earlier, we can send a small quantity to you via air and the rest quantity via sea.

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